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Back on xolair

After exhausing everything rbh have decided to trial xolair again for my son. He had a trial about 2 years ago but there was no benefit. He has tried almost every therapy available but still has a poor quality of life and low lung function. We had a toss up between cyclosporin or going for xolair again and cons decided he wanted to hold off on steroid sparing agents as he has already tried 2 and had side effects with both. His Ige levels have dropped since he last tried xolairthey were over 1000 and are now down to 500. my question is, does pred/iv steroids affect ige levels? If so will they rise again if xolair starts to work and he is weaned of them making the xolair less effective again?

Just dont want to put my son through fortnightly injections for another 4 months to find it was only the steroids that reduced ige. He has been on 40mg and kenalog injections and more recently iv methylprednisolone for the past 18 months. Anyone with any experience on this would be appreciated.

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Hey koolkat,

Just wanted to say hope things go well with your son! I have no experience of Xolair as my IGE is too low, but from reading your post the fact that your sons IGE has dropped to 500 means that he's more likely to benefit from Xolair, Isn't the suggested range 30-700? so if your son now has an IGE of 500 it's more likely to be sucssesful? I don't think IV methylpred can effect ige levels... (however I don't really know)..and I'm guessing if xolair did begin to work and they weened your sons steroid dose down and his IGE did raise they would quickly react by putting up his steroids.

Anyways, good luck to you and your son, fingers crossed this will give your son at least some sort of improvement!

alice x


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