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sob again

hi all this is getting boring sayn the same old thing but off the steroids and wouldt you no shortnes of breathagain and coughing . what is happening my symptoms changed so much lately . i used to have to have a cold then cough then wheeze then sob now its all changed cant walk very far anymore tring to get into con asap if not ane is calling again , keep thinking they are missing something so fed up with its your asthma get on with it , people have become so complesent with me even my gp looks at me and says the same thing as hes writing out my pred perscription sorry to rant having the worse day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

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Hi Hudson, I am feeling like you at the moment totally fed up! I am afraid once you have been ill, it can take a couple of months to build up again and if you get ill again before you built up, you just go backwards and have to start all over again and it is SO FRUSTRATING! I know i am in that vicious circle at the moment, i came out of hospital and was told 3 months till you would be back to normal, then low and behold i got another infection, so back to square one 3 months till you will be back to normal and guess what i get ANOTHER infection so it wil be June before i will be back to where i was and if anything else happens well you have the idea!

Feel free to chat or pm me i am happy to symphathise with you i am also having a rough time.

Just trying to work the wonders of social services or the stresses of them in my case.



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