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Yasmin (pill) and pred?

Hi guys, just looking for some advice really. Im on 20mg of pred a day (have been for nearly 3 years) and am also on the pill. Was on microgynon for 5 years and recently switched to Yasmin.

Today when I went back for a repeat of the Yasmin the nurse said that a contraindication had come up between the yas and the pred and that it can cause higher plasma levels for one of them (cant remember which).

Is this just a problem with Yas or is it likely that there was a contraindication between the microgynon as well but the nurse had ignored it before? this nurse wants me to get a blood level check but just wanted to see if any of you had experienced this?

Many Thanks

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hi i have no idea about the preds and pill but wanted to add that i got pregnant on microgynon - nice!


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