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just wondering if anyone is taking this and if it has helped at all? im currently on seretide 250, theophyline and salbutamol neb. found singulair and atrovent inhaler no help. seeing consultant tomorrow and last time he mentioned something bout this drug. my asthma been really uncontrolled recently, been on and off pred and just wanted an idea bout what he might do,

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Hi Oxana, I had spiriva on top of symbicort and it really helped my chest. I was also taking aminophylline at the time. A lot of cons dont use this drug anymore but i found it helped.


Its a funny one it either works or it doesnt there doesnt eem to be an inbetween with it, it seems to have better results with copd patients, It didnt work for me but whose to say it wont for you, were all different. What have you got to loose i say?

andrea xx


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