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New, help/advice needed please

After what I thought was a panic attack at 4am thursday morning, turns out it was an asthma attack. Ive got a honking cold and cough, been given steroids (6 to take for 5 days) and a reliever aerosol. I find that after about 4 hours from the last time I used the inhaler my chest starts to tighten and I cough more, also its only mild relief, is this normal? I had a had night of coughing last night also, so had to take my inhaler at 4am! Ive got an appointment with the asthma nurse for next friday, should I ask to see her sooner?

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It's normal for your chest to feel tight again about 4 hours after taking your inhaler if you have a cold. If relief starts to last less time than this then you need to go back to GP. Read the information on this site under all about asthma to get an idea of the basics.

The steroids should start to help ease things off soon, so give them a couple of days to have effect. Keep taking your inhaler whenever your chest starts to feel tight again.


Ive had a good read, I just wasnt sure if its normal. Am I ok to take cold and flu meds while Im on the steroids? I forgot to ask the Doc, trying to take everything in made me forget to ask.



HI and welcome!

Not sure about the cold and flu meds - do the leaflets on either one say not to? You could try ringing the AUK helpline quickly - number top left. They close at 5pm though.

I imagine the asthma nurse might want to try a preventer inhaler of some sort when you see her plus check inhaler technique - if you're new to asthma it can be tricky to master so you may not be taking in the full dose. Probably worth writing down a list of questions so you don't forget.


Looks like I can take Beechams ultra for the cold. I had a raging fever tuesday night/wed morning. I think If I can shift this cold, I'll feel a lot better. I use the spacer, advised by my doc, and been doing 5 puffs with 3/4 breaths between each. I hope Im doing it right?

Thanks For the advice, feel like a nut, I had it as a child, but ""grew out of it"", clearly it was underlying all along. Good job I quit smoking over 2 years ago now :)


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