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cough, any ideas?

Hi ya everyone,

I hope someone can give me some ideas on how i can get rid of my cough. My asthma has been bad over the last week so i had been using my blue inhaler alot more than normal, i have improved alot but now have this really annoying cough that wont go away think it might be all the ventolin use that has caused a really dry throat/cough have tried sweets, drinks etc... any ideas please. thanks

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try SIMPLE LINCTUS, in hot water or by itself i swear by it and it has helped me get through my current chest infection like it normally does, also try sucking sweets/chewinggum/drinking water to keep throat moist and it helps to reduce the chance of a sore throat

hope it gets better soon




Hi liverbird,

Sorry to hear that you are struggling. Giving you advice on what to do for your cough is really a little difficult without knowing more details about it and what is causing it.

As you probably know, a cough can be a symptom of deteriorating asthma control, whether or not it's accompanied by wheeze, breathlessness etc. If you are finding that you are disturbed by coughing at night, or on exertion, and you are having to use more of your blue inhaler, you should visit your GP for a review of your asthma medication - you may need to increase your treatment. I don't think taking increased amounts of Ventolin should really be making you cough - steroid inhalers sometimes can cause a dry throat and a cough, especially if used without a spacer, but Ventolin usually shouldn't do.

Otherwise, simple linctus or any glycerin-containing cough syrup is useful to sooth a tickly, irritating cough - it acts by simply coating the throat. I wouldn't bother with any of the more 'sophisticated' cough medicines - very few of them are effective. Steam inhalation can also be helpful to help with the dryness of your throat.

Hope this helps



tea :)


I sympathise - have just been in hosptial for two 10/11 day sessions 2 of which were in ITU. Got out last Thursday still taking high doses of Pred and other meds but since the weekend have got the most frustratingly irritating cough which is worse at night. It sounds as though I am barking (well some of my friends would probably agree with that one - asthma aside)!!!!!

It's not a cough/cold but I'm sure it is asthma related and it is driving me potty - linctus, strepsils all failed to curtail my bark!!!!

Sorry but I can't be of much help other than sympathise




Hi ya everyone thanks for all your posts to my question have tried them all. I went to the doctors yesterday and turns out i have a chest infection first one i have ever had, so now have pills to sort it. thanks again everyone.


No problem, liverbird, thanks for letting us know how it went, and I'm glad you got yourself sorted. It just demonstrates, really, how difficult it is to make any sort of a diagnosis over the internet, and that, if in doubt, seeing your own doctor is always the best call!

Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly :)



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