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Natural treatment for Anemia with vitamins and supplements

Hi ,as I know, taking Iron , Vitamin C , Yellow Dock , Dandelion , Vitamin B12 , Folate , is good for the natural treatment for Anemia , take a look at this.

Ingredients that work:

Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia. Vitamin C increases Iron absorption, essential in the treatment of anemia. Yellow Dock has modest amounts of Iron that are well absorbed and can help to raise Iron levels in the blood. Dandelion is used in the treatment of anemia as it may enhance the body's ability to absorb Iron from foods or supplements. Vitamin B12 and Folate are essential for cell replication and particularly important for red blood cell production which is central to the treatment of anemia.

Also try googling custom made with vitamins and supplements for Anemia, find a personalized health solution for yourself, and live healthier and happier.

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Usual moderator warning follows:

It is vitally important that you consult your GP/nurse/consultant before trying any new treatments, be they ""natural"" or not. Many ""natural"" ingredients can react negatively with medications you may already be on, or may reduce the effectiveness of those medications. Under no circumstances should you stop taking any medicines that you are currently prescribed without consulting a health professional. Just because a treatment is ""natural"" does not immediately mean it is safer or better for you than a prescription medication. Many prescription medications are based on natural ingredients, and - picking an example at random - cyanide is completely ""natural"" but is hardly going to do you much good!

Equally, when used correctly and under the guidance of a health professional, many people can see a benefit in the use of ""natural"" supplements in addition to prescription medications.


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Also, you need to be very aware of overloading with iron suplements!

Excess iron can be fatal! Sorry for being so blunt.

As Steve says, many convetional meds have their origins in natural plants eg Asprin, Didroxin, chemotherapy drugs ( Rosy Periwinkle)

I often look at suplements in health food shops , then wonder about all the aditives and fillers that are used to stick the pills together!!

I do take a prescribed iron suplement but only on advice of my GP because I have mild persistent anaemia. I also eat a healthy diet and get all my nutritional needs from that even though I have to avoid certain foods because I am allergic to them eg Eggs, milk etc.

Also, wouldn't taking lots of dandelion will make you wee a lot?



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