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IV Methylprednisolone

Does anyone have any experience of Methylpred. Jay has been having 4 weekly IV infusions instead of Triamcinolone injections. I know the Triamcinolone is a depot injection and lasts for around 4 weeks but am not sure how IV Methylpred works. He is having it over 1/2 and hour.

Doesn't help when the resp nurse at the hospital doesn't now much about it either. Is it a short sharp blast that should bring you up and hopefully keep you there for 4 weeks or is it more long acting? How long does it take to kick in once you've have had it. Currently on 2nd month of having it and Jay did pick up after the 1st 4 weeks but has now dropped back down again. The idea was to try and reduce his Pred which he had just got back down to 20mg alternate days (lowest for about 6 months) but peak flows have dropped again and being more symptomatic again. Wasn't expecting to have to increase Pred 7 days after IV steroids.

Any help appreciated x

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have PM'd you! hope thats okay! x


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