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Fed up of Preds

Hi,I havent been on here for a little while but faulty lungs have taken over my life again!! I am taking Seretide 500 1 puff morning and night and montelukast each night when things are good. Things have not been consistently under control since October. i have been to A & E twice and have had three courses of preds. The third one I started last Friday taking 6 a day for 5 days. I returned to doc on Monday as I had been unable to eat or walk across the room without needing a half hour rest to recover! This time I saw my usual doc who gave me 50 more preds and told me to reduce down gradually at the end of original course. She told me to return today to see how I was going and has now given me a course of antibiotics and 50 more preds and says to keep going at higher dosage until at least the end of the week. I have now asked to see a consultant privately (although this will take me the rest of the year to pay for!!!) which I hope to do before the end of the month. I really want to get my moneys worth so I wondered if anyone has any suggestions of questions I should ask when I am there.

Also does anyone think that preds can cause mid cycle bleeding?

And one more thing. A friend suggested I try homeopathy. I am at the point where I will try anything. Does anyone have any experience of complimentary therapies or dietary changes that have helped.

Sorry to have burbled on for so long but I was just hoping someone on this wonderfully supportive site may be able to help.

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I haven't experienced any menstrual upsets on Preds but I know it can be a side effect.

I have just had a rant under the 'Seretide' heading in the forum about Preds, they make me feel horrible so I can totally understand how you feel.

I suspect I am oversensitive to steroids (inhaled and tablet form) and am trying to get some answers, I hope this is of some comfort or help.


I tried homeopathy with my teenage son but it made no difference at all. Admittedly, he stayed on all his asthma meds, which I have been told was wrong. A friend (bad asthma/chronic ezcema) stopped all her meds and perservered with homeopathy for quite a while. Unfortunately she worsened to the point where she was really ill and had to go on steroids!

This isnt to say homeopathy doesnt work or help - just not in my experience.


Hmm. I try to keep an open mind on homeopathy - it does get a lot of ridicule because the method by which it's meant to work doesn't make sense and there is rather a lot of quackery in the way it's 'meant' to be prepared (beating x times against horsehair etc??!!), and so far I don't think clinical trials have shown much.

My view is that the jury's still out on this one - it may not work the way some supporters claim and many of them may be talking rubbish much of the time but you don't necessarily have to understand exactly how something works for it to work. (BIzarrely, one of the reasons I'm still keeping an open mind is that it worked wonders on our cat, which I would have thought could not be the placebo effect! I have no idea how but he had very severe and visible wasting in his back legs, nearly died but when he had homeopathic treatment, somehow it got better - we had people thinking it was a different cat! So I'm reluctant to dismiss it completely.)

However, it seems pretty dangerous to stop normal asthma meds. My understanding was that if it works, it works in a different way from conventional medicine so that there's no reason to stop taking your usual meds, you should take the homeopathic remedies alongside them. I had some homeopathic treatment when I was younger (my mum is a fan of it) and that doctor definitely said to keep taking normal asthma meds, he just gave me stuff alongside them. No idea if it worked though; I don't remember a huge difference but my asthma is pretty mild anyway and from stuff my mum has said I realise I don't have much memory of what it was like except for the fights over PE lessons.


Hi Sorry to hear things arent good.

Were you told to up your seretide? to me that is just as important as adding pred and could also you know whats triggered your attacks-viral,food allergies, environment,stress? Often working on the cause can help treat. As for homeopathy please dont stop any regular meds - it should be seen as complementary therefore should work alongside-. i personally tried it a number of yrs ago but i have a large number of allergies and often reacted to what i was given so it didnt help-however i do find osteopathy hashelp a little as i improve my posture therefore breathing can be easier and im more relxed -likewise massage(aromatherapy is good but be carreful of certain oils)

Please dont go private your gp has a duty of care and if they cant cope they should refer you to your local resp dr- also have you spoken to the advice line run by AUK they are fab for suggestions - well worth a call - good luck xxxx


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