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hob nobbing with the bbc

just wondering has anyone else got to do any interesting things due to their asthma.

my son has stared in his own book 'zack has asthma' Has had a day filming with blue peter. got invited to the Liz's (Blue peter) leaving show and then attened a back stage party. He knew all the young presenters which was more than i did. My other two have also appeared in a medical photo shoot for a booklet. a big thank you to Patrick for putting them forward for these events. And of course lots of lovely PEAK (kick asthma) holidays which is always my favourite week of the year :-) anyone else done anything of interest due to their asthma?

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Yes, I have appearsed on the BBCs 1 O'clock news and been interviewed and photographed for the magazine ""REAL"" that was a great in one way as I had a proper make up artist doing my hair and make up etc but, a nightmare in another because they only wanted 1 photo and they must of took nearly a hundred. I had a driving lesson that afternoon and I nearly missed it because of them, if I hadn't of insisted on them finishing I would of.

Also I have taken part in a couple of interesting research studies.



Sean was interviewed by a bbc researcher last year to see if he was suitable to take part in second series of ' my life as a child' . We still havent heard if he was chosen or not, obviously i am bias but i think he would've been great as although he has severe difficult to treat asthma he shows you can't let asthma beat you as he is out doing sport most days!


michael had his photos taken for a fundraising leaflet in our local area, raising funds for the asthma lab. he posed in fron of and using the equipment and he has now been signed up with a modelling agency so you never know, you may see him in Argos in a couple of years time!!!!!!


Wanda has also appeared on a local radio phone-in talking about asthma!

You can listen to it here:

And the next part here:


thanks for answering guys its fascinating to see what Patrick has persuaded us all to do :-) no seriously patrick thanks zack has enjoyed every second of his fame. anyone know how he can become a ball boy for man utd? i know paul scholes has asthma so there is always hope.


I think its great the kids get a chance to do these things. They all have to put up with so much they deserve something good to come out of it.

While we on the subject... if anyone knows how to get sean a spot as ballboy for arsenal or meet joe pasquale (yes, u did read right lol) let me know :-)

Debi would it be worth sending a letter to paul scholls? While sean was in hospital last year he wrote to wayne rooney as part of a piece of school work. He got sent his autograph, they promised some photos that never materialised but sean was well pleased with the letter/autograph.


I work the TV/Film industry so I often hob nob sadly my asthma as kept me off set as they are not the most asthma friendly places to be.



I have also appeared on Songs of Praise!!!!!


I was on Top gear briefly at Silverstone Race circuit on duty with St John Ambulance back in 1988.

Was also on the news once when they filmed our school library .... I was actually working for once!! LOL!

Also I have been on Borders ITV news back in 1998 with PEAK ( formerly Joint Holiday Project) abseiling & rock climbing & demonstrating a nebuliser on an adult holiday .... never seen the footage (Patrick L - does the video still exist???)

Also written and had a photo years ago in Allergy magazine about brittle asthma.

had a mug shot & article of me doing a sponsored 110ft abseil for AUK a few years ago in Woman magazine!



I had my second music compilation album out last December and with the PR campaign was able to talk on various national radio stations and to the press about how being recently diagnosed with asthma and it's severity over the last 2 years and has completely ruined the live concert performance side and 'any hopes of any more extreme bouts of travelling on tour around the world' side of my career - knowing that probably my career has probably been one of the main causes of my asthma suddenly worsening. Hrmmmmm.

Ah well... however - it's not going to beat me and I'm still finding a way to get on with my career.

And I've also been on GMTV and MTV and some other channels in different countries... it's all fun!


oh i forgot to say my own claim to fame no where near as good as zack's blue peter x2 shows or even his brief man u tv appearance. but i did get to hit rod hull with a xylophone stick when emu 'attacked' me :-)


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