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What next??

Just hope somebody can tell me what to expect next!!

Maddie is on Seretide 200, Montelukast, Anti hists and Ventolin and pred 30mg.

She is having a rough ride at the min. She had a serious attack on Tues. Needed nebs at gp surgery both morning and afternoon. Yet after her 2nd neb, her SATs were still only 84, 92 at best.

She was rushed to hospital where she was given huge dose of steroids. Eventually her SATs raised and she was allowed home again.

My question is what an earth can they do next?????

What is the next step in treatment????

Theyve been reluctant to giver her a home neb to keep as she needs oxygen and most home nebs dont use it. Also due to her age (not quite 2) they say they like to see her each time this happens.

Im exhausted, totally. She vomits in the night through choking, coughing etc. Which ends up[ in us bathing her, changing bedding etc-all in a zombie-like state!!

She pants and wheezes loudly by day.

I took her back to the gp today as we have finished this course of pred now. Her chest isnt wheezing but is FULL of 'sputum'!

Just dont know what to do now! We have a Specialist Respiratory Cons app next week, thankfully!!

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write down what you wrote on here and take it to your consultants appt next week. if un happy keep bugging GP and if in doubt ring 999. your daughter sounds ill but i cannot see her. Sorry I cannot help any further. If you are in doubt seek medical advice.



I have to agree with Plumie below, and the consultant will have more answers, but the no neb approach is one I'd agree with, too risky for someone so young.


Hiya Emily,

I can't answer any of your questions I'm afraid as I'm no medic, but I am here for you as a parent :O) I tend to agree with the hospital in that it's best for them to be able to see her rather than trying to deal with it at home. I can only begin to imagine how exhausting this is - and you must be overtired with worry too. Do you have anyone that you could trust to help? You sound like you might be in need of some rest - and I don't mean a ""break"" (as I know I can't leave my lad when he's poorly) but even if you could just get enough sleep each day it'd help you to cope with the enourmous stress that you're under. Have you got any family nearby or any friends that are close to Maddie and will be able to read her like you do and respond as you would? Are you eating properly?? I know I'm probably sounding like a mother now (!!!) but if you're not eating or sleeping then you're at real risk of getting poorly yourself or really low, just at a time when you need extra strength. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious! xx


Hi we are going through the same at the mo.Remember the early years as being hell.Matty doesn't vomit with it anymore thank goodness.It's easier as they get older as they tell you whats going on.

The respiratory consultant will probably as for lots of tests to be done at the hospital,spirometry, chest xrays, bloods, allergy tests.Also check for other illnesses.It easier when your being looked after by a specialist.Ask for letters so when you get seen at the local hospital they know your seeing a specialist, they take note of you concerns and listen more.They also follow the asthma plan as stated,Matty has double nebs and oxygen 1-2hourly in hospital even if sats are good, they were 100% at one point but air wasn't moving properly in the lungs.Matty is now on long term pred and nebs when needed.

There are a few more options, the consultant will see if Maddie is suitable for them.Don't expect much to start with as it will be loads of tests until they get their answers.

Good luck and hope it goes well, another physically and emotionally exhausted Mum, my asthma is brittle too so it's not helping at all.

Take care

Kate x


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