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im not getting anywhere with my daughters asthma please help

my daughter is 6 years of age and suffers from severe asthma and eczema and has been diagnosed for a few years daughter rarely shows the symptoms until late on in an attack and so has been hospitilised a few times because of this she can go several months without a bad attack but can then have several in a short period of time.this week has been a bad week she has had 3 bad attacks needing the nebuliser each time the school have been great and keep a diary and it helps that my daughter can feel her chest tight before it comes on too bad however my doctors have not been helpful and said that she is fine when i get her to the surgery as her inhalers arent helping, my daughter knows when she is ill why dont they listen everytime they send her away an hour later she is back and on a nebuliser im starting to get really cross and have looked into a nebuliser at home but my doctors have told me that they arent as good so if they dont perscribe the solution there is no point investing in one,is anyone experiencing the same things?

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hi my 8 year old son cameron also suffers from severe asthma, i have a nebulizer at home but only give him steroids through this, i have had many talks with my consultant about having ventolin nebuls but have been told if he needs to be nebulized he should be in hospital, this is becuase he needs oxygen aswel as the ventolin and also because of the effects it has on him ie shaking and raised heartrate etc. i have open acess to my childrens ward and this has helped us greatly as i no longer have to spend hours in casualty or in my gp surgery. i hope this helps, good luck! kirstytapp



I'm so sorry for your daughter. I'm not a parent but run a Guide unit and have seen how asthma can affect children in addition to having it myself. A few ideas have you asked to see the asthma nurse at your doctors? they can often help especially with things like an action plan and monitoring your asthma so you can hopefully prevent bad attacks happening. Does your daughter measure her peak flow? as changes in this can often show control isn't as it should be.

If your doctors doesn't have an asthma nurse maybe asked to be refered to a respiratory consultant. My consultant has a respiratory nurse who I can also call upon. It sounds like you aren't getting the back up help you need which could help your daughter to manage her asthma better.

I hope you get some progress soon.

Take care



I manage my 3 year old's brittle asthma at home with nebules of ventolin and a nebuliser that's on loan from her local children's hospital. I only take her in when she has to have several nebs inside a 4 hour period. Each child is assessed individually and I don't think it's common to perscribe this for home use but I do think you should insist on being refered to a specialist.

Good luck.


Just a quick word of caution for most people several nebs in a 4 hour period would be well over and above their protocol please don't think that because it is ok for Ali and her daughter is safe for you to do so.



im not getting anywhere with my daughters asthma please help

thankyou for all your ideas on my daughters asthma my daughter does attend an asthma clinic but just dont seem to get anywhere they tend to keep prescribing the same thing or when her appointment comes through it is during a period that she is much better. because of this i am keeping a diary along with the school and childminder so when we go back i can take all the information they need to help us more,we are seeing my doctor today who is lovely and alot more helpful than hers so im hoping that she can help her more than the one ive been taking her too as i know her child is also an asthma sufferer and will know where im coming from.thanks all



My Daughter has both eczema and asthma, However they are both pretty well controlled at the moment. You mentioned inhalers and nebules in your post but I wonder if she has tried singulair, it was literally a miracle drug for my daughter, it didn't work for me and I know that it has a variety of success in other people but if she hasn't tried it I would ask your GP about it.

I re-iterate the other posts..keep a really good peak flow diary. also try and work out any triggers. I find that f'rinstance that my daughter's eczema and asthma flairs when she has a cold.

I would also pursue getting a consultation with an allergy/respiratory specialist who will be able to advise you on both conditions at the same time.

Good luck



hi a reply to your message about singulair glad to hear they work for your daughter my doctor has said the same as you those that they work for it has an excellent effect or it doesnt work at all unfortunately for her they dont work at all , however today we have made a step forward and she is going to be seen by a consultant at our local hospital and my dr as said it will most likely be on mon pm as she is not happy with how shes been this past week so fingers crossed she has also told me that she will prescribe her meds to have using a nebuliser as long as the hospital agrees, as this is what is easier for her to use.


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