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several hospitizations & meds not really working??

firstly to say, iv found advice & support on this forum fantastic, so thank you for previous replies to queries.

My DD is 14months, she was hospitalized in April with 1st asthma attack ( not yet fully diagnosed because of age), her oxygen levels were v.low/high white cell count etc so she was on houlry nebs,IV fluids,oxygen etc for a few days before being discharged.

Just two wks ago she was again admitted due to an attack ( Gp had given steroids at first sign of wheeze but had later to bring her to a&e ), again she was on houlry nebs which were then reduced to 4hrly. On being discharged we were given becotide& ventolin inhaler & also singular granules .Dr had said it was important she take the inhaler ( tru aero chamber) willingly, which she was fighting at the time so the granuels were used as a replacement for inhaler if she refused the chamber willingly.. in the meantime we'v been working on building up the time she will allow the chamber on her face.

So... i have a few issues i am looking for advice & opinions on..

a) she has been out of hospital from last episode for over 2wks but there has been a wheeze in her chest everyday since ( not so much a severe tightening wheeze but there nevertheless ) , she has had runny nose&eyes and also nighttime cough that is getting worse, were giving the granules every evening as well as giving the inhalers ( she is now taking the inhaler somewhat ie.not for 5 full breaths but were nearly there ) ...... do episodes usually last this long? should i be bringing her back to Gp ? we have appt with consultant on June 3rd, but surely i cant leave her like this until then? im 37wks pregnant also so was hoping to have her asthma meds well & truly sorted before baby's arrival

b) since her discharge, she was initally herself for first 4days but since then has been crying, upset & sad everyday since, she really is not herself & is cryin in her sleep several times a night ( something that has never happened before) ... i know singulair is being investigated to being linked to behaviour changes& suicidal thoughts and im now worried there's a link....anyone with experience?

c) and finally i wondered if many of ye have had kids who have also been tested for CF ( as dd was also hospitalized with digestive problems in Jan ) so am somewhat paranoid.

thanks for taking the time to read this post & apologies for the length !

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Hi Bree What a time your little girl is having Its no wonder she is not herself and sad, shes probably not feeling well and if she is wheezy she wont be able to breathe comfortably which wont be helping You maybe should take her back to the GP as having a night time cough could be a sign that her asthma isnt as well controlled as it could be There is a high level of pollen about just now with the warm dry weather it could be her runny eyes and nose could be down to hayfever

I hope everything gets sorted out for you and DD Though its not much comfort at the moment things do get better as your daughter gets older

Take carexx


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