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hi i went to pick my son up from school today, there where 4 children waiting to go home as thay had the flu!!!!!!!!i know for another 3 children from my sons class who were off today becouse of it.we have got our flu jabs on sat, i have spoke to the dr's thay said the jabs are not in until thursday at the earlist.what do i do?do i send ty or keep him at home until he has had the jab or do i send him!

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I would send him anyway. It may not be proper flu may be just a virus that jab would not protect him against anyway.

Its just one of those things there are always outbreaks of stuff on mass in schools, nits threadworms, impetigo chicken pox after they've been there a while you get more chilled about it!

This week bearing in mind it is only Monday night I have had a measles warning letter, nit warning about year 5 and witnessed evidence in playground that the vomiting bug is back in school.......


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