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Pins and Needles

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It all started on Tuesday. I had a bloated feeling and thought it was trapped wind? Took a Windeze and it seemed to help that feeling but then got a tingling in my face which was weird this then progressed to my shoulder's, arms and chest. It then seemed to ease and I just carried on. It was an effort all day to get my breath on the simplest of things but thought with lousy weather and just getting over a lurgy probably that?

Wednesday was a very usual day but breathing was still lousy, and that strange feeling and tingling was coming back. It was more an annoyance than a worry. Well, that was then starting to change fast and the tingling was getting a lot worse and my joints were aching far more than they had for some time. Tried to get an urgent appointment with a GP but after many attempts at trying to connect I was in a queue number 14! Once my turn was up, I asked for an urgent appointment to be told "Sorry you need to call at 08:30 tomorrow as we have no one available" (Never used to be like this before covid) By the end of this I had my dinner to eat which I did mostly but started to feel worse. The Wife insisted I call 111 This was met with all lines are busy due to the latest industrial action! (Ambulance Drivers Strike) After eventually getting through I spoke to a very nice lady who went through the usual sheets of questions. She mentioned that I seemed to be struggling with my breathing while talking to her so I told her that I am only 90% O2 and in AF which is not that unusual for me. She then asked for some time while she speaks to someone and put me on hold. By the time she come back my pins and needles had progressed to my chest. She went through the Stroke questioning which was negative. Asked me to hold once more? Did not seem to long and she told me that the Ambulance Control will call me! Sure, enough they were on the phone informing me that a specialist crew are on their way and made sure that they knew exactly how to find our house?

Once the Ambulance arrived two very nice paramedics were in my lounges and wiring me up. My blood pressure was through the roof (Surprise not) and my ECG was not looking good at all it seems. so, they hear my chest and a few more questions with another ecg. At that point they told me to put something that opens at the front and I am off to one of our main hospitals. They had given me 3 GTN sprays in total and that did seem to ease the pins and needles but not completely. I was taken into the RAT ward and looked at promptly by a Doctor. Another ECG and he took bloods. I was moved 5 times in total and seen by another doctor who informed me I had hypocalcemia and my AF was not good. I would have to have a drip of calcium and another blood test ASAP. I was on a monitor and the first drip (I thought only drip) was started and finished about 20 mins later. I thought that was nice and quick how long before my pins and needles stop? But then another nurse comes in with a litre bottle/bag of calcium drip and the settings meant it was an 11-hour infusion! Then they decide to move to another ward AMU. this went into .....

Thursday morning but in the early hours it finished they disconnected me and my pins and needles had gone! I could now get to sleep and I slept like a log. Usual hospital routine in the morning warm toast warm tea and more obs etc through the day. Doctor comes to bedside and states the blood test after my calcium infusion seems to have worked but you are also showing Magnesium deficiency! Then tells me how serious that was! some many hours later my smaller bag of magnesium comes but it is infused slower so a 5.5-hour infusion. Once more it finished in the early hours and once more, I slept like a log.

Friday: I thought I would have a chance of going home but my body thought otherwise. Not only was my heart rate going up and down 60 to 143 my O2 was 88 to 94. I was put on oxygen and basically told not going anywhere until that settles down. It took some convincing that the AF is not that unusual and my O2 is average 92/94 . So that was my target or I stay until it is sorted!

Saturday: They dropped the O2 bit by bit as I was improving until I got the bingo moment where they said I can go, but I have to change some of my meds as they think they were part of the problem so a long wait for them then I can go. Called the wife to pick me up and bring a coat etc. We were still waiting for med from hospital pharmacy. When the nurse was doing the other patients stats etc. He was a great guy and said Well I am here I will do one on you while you are waiting? Yes, you guessed it was not good so he left me after apologising to find a doctor. Back they come and she orders an ECG this was not so bad this time and the doctor insisted I mention the low O2 to my GP (I can see that being a bit of a battle) After 5 hours of been told my meds are coming, they came and off to home and bed we went. Thank you, NHS,

Be well

30 Replies
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what fantastic treatment you had while in hospital, it’s a shame about the performance of your gp practice! I hope they listen to you about your o2!

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Offcut in reply to helenlw7

This has been an ongoing issue for years now. Whenever I end up in hospital, I am on O2. I appreciate that I am usual in there because I am unwell but my O2 when checked at GP practice. I get there then have to wait in a nice warmish surgery then a short walk to the surgery a little wait as I get my breath back and a chat as to why I am there. Then they check stats if they are good they take it off and say they are fine. But leave it on and it usually drops! While in hospital I had a few comments from nurses as they have never seen Oxygen levels moving up and down as much on the screen before.

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Goodness, what a palava! I’m glad you were carefully monitored and well looked after in hospital. I wish gps had a system where complex patients were flagged up to be responded to quickly. There used to be such a system but it seems to have been abandoned 🙄

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Offcut in reply to eleanordigby

One of my preferred Doctors who called me his "Enigma" but in a friendly way has now retired. My notes did have me flagged as complicated health issues and I could usually get an appointment but it could be a wait? Which was fine. I do not call just for the sake of it. The number of times I get a trainee GP and they check me over and then panic! With me saying no the bottom of my right lung is not all the way down (paralysed Diaphragm) No the irregular heart rate is semi-permanent and self-monitored. Sorry but I do have a crackle on my lungs a lot of the time! The PH is being treated at a specialist hospital at Sheffield which is often met with a blank expression. Then they get a senior GP who pops their head in and says hello yes, he is right "Why you here?" then it is all dealt with.

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Seems you got excellent treatment Offcut. I hope things will stay stable for you now. Best wishes as always x

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Offcut in reply to CDPO16

Thank you. Yes, I have no real complaints in the treatment it is obvious they are all under staffed and overworked.

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What a saga. Your hospital sounds amazingly thorough, thank goodness. I hope your surgery will take note, though on past form that doesn't sound too hopeful. Fingers crossed they will reform. Hope the new med regime will keep you stable for a long, long time. Best wishes.

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Offcut in reply to Alberta56

I have a phone call after 12:00 so I will see how that goes. Do not think a reform will happen long time soon

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My word, what a scary time for you Offcut. I thought at first you were going to tell us you had had a stroke, well thank goodness you didnt. Am so pleased you were well looked after reading so many bad things happening in hospitals at the moment. Now all you have to do is get to speak with your gp and that sounds like a hurdle. Good luck and please take care x

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Offcut in reply to Izb1

NoI had that scare over 2 years ago. I got Temporal Arteritis But this has caused problems as I was supposed to have a blood test to see if I have any inflammatory markers. Now before all this I went down with a Gout Flare up and still got it. My blood tests at the hospital have shown very high inflammatory! But they do not think it is all from the Gout? So, I have now tried to get in touch with Rumy but can only leave a message? nothing simple for me!

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Izb1 in reply to Offcut

Lets hope the rheumy people get back to you soon, they are usually very good and you can then get this sorted x

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Glad the hospital sorted you out. You take care x

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Offcut in reply to Shirleyj

Thank you

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Well done your hospital shame about the GP. Glad you got sorted.

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Pleased you got sort of sorted and the gp is more helpful

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A saga for you however you were well monitored in hospital. Wishing you luck with conversations with your GP in the future xx

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Offcut in reply to watergazer

Went better than expected was told they are at max with my COPD treatment ;(

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watergazer in reply to Offcut

take care. Good to hear from you x

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Hope things settle down at home xxx

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Offcut in reply to Patk1

Nice been home but still wiped out and breathing rubbish

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Patk1 in reply to Offcut

I'm not surprised.youve been thro the mill xxxx

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Only you, Offcut, only you. What are you like?

Good to hear from you, though, even though it is yet another of your incredible odysseys.

Kate xxx

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Offcut in reply to Katinka46

I said to the paramedic on the way in I hate going to hospital I seem to come out with something new! Maybe more preventative blood tests would be the answer?

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Oh goodness, poor you. All that waiting for hours and hours... such a waste of your time as well as waste of time fir someone waiting for a bed? But thankfully, you were sorted out in the end...except for the ongoing battle with your GP? I never understand why GPs so often think they know better than Specialists? So many battles....

I do hope you will get all the help you need in mire timely manner. We only have one life! Good luck.

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Offcut in reply to anniec11

It took me 57 mins to talk to Receptionist and that was with The Wife trying on her phone just to get into the queue. It starts by saying they will not tolerate abuse or shouting at them?

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Gell well soon, you've been through so much. At least you have a lucid and active mind to write this interesting account of your medical journey! You could be a professional writer for THE BMA!

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Offcut in reply to YummyBear

It takes me a long time Dyslexia makes my spell checker work real hard ;)

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Hope things have settle down for you again now, Offcut

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Offcut in reply to Ergendl

Still breathing causing problems like my early asthma feeling but inhalers do not seem to help GP told me they are their max with lung support?

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Ergendl in reply to Offcut

That's a difficult place to find yourself in, Offcut. Hoping you have a more peaceful week and month ahead.

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