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Pulmonary rehab.

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Hi everyone. I am new to the pulmonary forum and have not posted before. I have been diagnosed with Interstitial lung disease (fibrosis) as a result of rheumatoid arthritis. I also have Polymyalgia and osteoporosis. Although not one for going to the gym, before I was diagnosed I was relatively fit. My quality of life since then has plummeted and I now have to really force myself to do the smallest task. I get really breathless when I try to do anything and I suffer from crippling fatigue. I am not in a good place at the moment.

My question is, do you think I would benefit from pulmonary rehab and what effect would it have on my already aching muscles and joints?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

25 Replies
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Hi Oscardoggy, I suffer with breathlessness, I went on an 8 week Pulmonary re hab course and yes I found it did help However when that stopped I couldnt find another class near home to keep up with it I try and do some exercises from home, but I dont think it is the same as being committed to a class Let us know how you get on 😊x

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Oscardoggy in reply to jillygirl

Thank you. Hopefully it will help me and I will let you know how I get on.xx

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Welcome to this friendly, caring forum, it’s good to meet you. Many people get a huge amount of help from pulmonary rehab so speak to your GP about it. Wishing you well. Xxx

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Oscardoggy in reply to sassy59

Thank you for your reply. I will let you know how I get on. xx

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sassy59 in reply to Oscardoggy


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Hi and welcome. I didn't find pulmonary rehab helpful but most people do. Ask your GP to refer you, you have nothing to lose.

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i found it marvellous back in 2013. Not only are you taught specific exercises for lung stamina you are taught why. My PR course was for 2.5 hours twice weekly for 6 weeks. In that 2.5 hour period one hour was dedicated to supervised exercises, a tea/coffee break & an hour of education/knowledge by a specialist. The participants were of all levels, some chair bound, some on O2.

Good luck with yours. P

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Oscardoggy in reply to peege

Thanks for your reply.

Sounds interesting but 2.5 hours twice per week seems like a long time. I will give it a go though and hope it is beneficial. At least it will get me out of the house and I will meet new people.x

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eleanordigby in reply to Oscardoggy

Bear in mind it’s only for 6 weeks. Also, you don’t have to stay for the second half if you prefer not to. When I did it (years ago), everyone else was a lot older than me & all had copd, so after the first week I didn’t stay for the second bit. The exercises tho, and the advice of the physiotherapists, was invaluable, and at the end of the course they gave us an individual programme to help us continue at home. I don’t know whether it’s still the same.

I’m going to do the course again soon, but via Zoom with the Brompton, as I don’t go out at this time of year.

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peege in reply to Oscardoggy

i think many are for just two hours. It was definitely worth the half hour drive each way!

Some areas run an exersise class akin to PR exercises . I went to one in Gloucester for a couple of years

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I found the pulmonary rehab course extremly benficial, give it a try.

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Welcome to the forum. PR courses seem to vary. Mine was 12 sessions of 2 ours each. I found it very helpful, especially for convincing my body it could do all sorts of things it wasn't sure it could. It takes a long time to recover any sort of fitness; you have to be patient (grrr) and wait for the strength to come back. Best wishes.

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agree courses do vary

it didnt improve my breathing but i w s selective about what i did i have two flights of stairs in my house and with many steps here at home i ignored the flight of just 5 there . didnt get the full details of that course that peege did at hers but the talks were helpful too.

it did improve my mobility. Spending time on treadmill with support was the best for me but 2nd course was cut short by covid and no chance to do more since then.

the repeat course promised of 12 weeks at local Brio centre didnt materialise when covid restrictions were lifted.

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it helped me a lot, the medical staff were very helpful giving lots of information, routines for lung clearance & referrals for after the 8 weeks. I met others with lung conditions, knowing your not alone & made a lovely friend.

From there we joined our local weekly Breathers group , we have exercise with a fully trained instructor, a weekly raffle, go in the cafe for refreshments after, we have social events during the year & an annual Christmas lunch. I have made some lovely friends. The best thing I ever did, I would highly recommend . Sue 🥰 xx

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my husband has severe breathlessness with COPD. He recently completed Pulmonary Rehab and found it hugely beneficial. It has given him more overall strength to cope with his illness. To follow up we are both now on the nationwide Exercise By Referral Scheme. Google it? A brilliant preventative care scheme paid for by NHS who pay local gyms to run it, local councils oversee it. Win win for patient and local economy and cuts nhs costs in future care. You need referral by medical practitioner. In our.case it’s totally free for 3 months run by instructor trained in our medical conditions so feels safe. After that we get 6 months free gym membership. At heading to 70 we have never been to gyms before. We absolutely love it! The feeling of well-being (endomorphins?) is astonishing! We are getting stronger, my diabetes levels have returned to normal, first time ever hubby’s blood pressure normal at gp hypertension review. The benefits are so great I can’t recommend enough! I never thought we’d be trudging through winter weather so keen to get to the gym! People with all sorts of ailments there and everyone supports and encourages each other, lots of fun and laughter! X

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I have had pulmonary rehab three times now, 2 sessions face to face and one via Zoom. I found it excellent, the exercise proved just how much I can do and the information sessions very helpful. 6 weeks of 2 sessions a week, about 1 hour exercise and then the information session. The exercise is tailored to your ability and needs so there is no pressure to do too much. The physiotherapists are so friendly, understanding, encouraging and helpful. Give it a go.

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Hi Oscar doggyand welcome.In short, yes it's helpful not just for the exercises, but also for the comeraderie of being with those with similar problems, idi it some years ago, and following that, set up a group of my own, it's still going 14 years later, I think being with other people in the same boat is good, it's the support you get as well as the exercises and the social side too that helps.We shut down this year for the coldest months, we will open again in March,

Maybe you could do something similar if you attend a pulmonary rehab group, it's great.

Best of Luck.


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Yes, pulmonary rehab will be very helpful. The physios who run it grade the exercises to your capabilities, with enough to help your fitness improve gradually through the length of the course. Take it if offered, ask for it if it is not.

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Along with other posters I did PR. My first course was in 2011 and my second in 2016 and both times my readings were improved at the end of the course. After the second I took advantage of a follow up class which sadly folded with the Covid outbreak. The information given out after the exercises is very useful although I never managed to master the relaxation technique.

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Hi…. I also have fibrotic ILD and I can’t recommend PR highly enough. We are very limited in treatment options and therefore exercise is vital. I have completed 2 courses over 2 years as my authority allow 1 each year. Being breathless is so difficult as you know and it gets harder to motivate yourself. I’ve just bought a treadmill and now walk 10 minutes each day on it!! Good luck

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Hello 👋 and welcome to our friendly forum. I found pulmonary rehab essential for helping and controlling my breathing. Hope it works for you too

Good luck. Dawn.xx

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I dId pulmonary rehab a number of years ago.

I was doubtful it would benefit me but the course was good. The other people on the course are in the same boat as you.

The nurse/physio assesses you before you start and they don't ask you to do any more than you can.

Some exercises can be done sitting down, if necessary.

Go for it. I recommend it to anyone.

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YES! YES! YES! I was manhandled into pr, like you most definitely not a 'gym bunny ' but I credit it with being part if the reason I'm still here. The physios who run pr are experienced respiratory physios and know just how to encourage (push 🤣) and support the class. It's much more than just excercise. Take advantage of the free three month pass to the gym after as well. An appropriate programme can be made for you by their trained staff.They are used to folk like us with other problems too. I still hate the gym so do classes like yoga. Good luck! Oh and welcome to this friendly, funny and informative forum! 🙂

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The benefit I have had from PRC is significant. I have been on about 6-7 courses over the years. The biggest benefit is the discipline provided by being in a peer group and under caring attention.

Sadly my condition is now too severe with the addition of heart failure to take part. I shall miss it.

I would urge you to go.

One side benefit is also getting to know some of the excellent COPD team better.

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It sounds like many have benefited from the pulmonary rehab. Worth trying it x

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