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cats and parasites

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I dont like cats unlike many of the readers here. I have good reason . not the cats fault but the things they can carry,

Parasites .

what do all you cat owners know about cats and what they can carry .?

i spent 3 months one year in the eighties paying weekly visits to the eye dept in local hospital to find out the cause of my rapidly worsening vision in my left eye . it took a simple blood test eventually to give the answer. Toxoplasmosis gondii. a parasite carried by cats . I had eaten food contaminated by cats while on holiday in greece. Afterwards I knew where and how but too late after i had eaten . And so many cats around in greece ! the type of immunity levels shown defined the time of infection doen to a week or two being those spent in Greece. I had eaten unwashed fruit .

i had toxo in my eye . It can affect your heart , eyes or brain. or if you are pregnant then can affect the foetus . Y ou can hear about the similiar parasite infecti ng dogs. we know about that and childrens playgrounds. the surgeon lasered the site of infection in my eye to kill the parasite . the fogging remained until i had a cataract op a few years ago

Also these parasites y do encyst until your immunity levels drop in later life and then come back to life . it can affect the brain in that the behaviour becomes more risky . in a mouse this shows as an absolute lack of fear of a cat and in a human as a worsening of judgement of risk . it is all in an attempt to further infection.

But there is some thing else. It has been shown to affect the immune system and this can then be utilised to identify specific cancer cells and to allow the body's immune system to deal with the cancer.

I read bout this being investigated in the last year and hope to read more in the future .

sorry cannot give a better reference

Nothing to do with lungs but i had a personal reason to draw your attention to this parasite which is very l ittle known to many cat owners .

82 Replies
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That’s a terrible thing to have happened to you Jaybird and l genuinely feel sympathy for you. Sadly cats are left to roam uncared for in Greece, Spain and other countries but many responsible owners ensure their animals do not carry Toxoplasmosis. We had a cat for 19 years and made sure she had all of her vaccines and check ups. We certainly knew about parasites etc.

I can understand you not being a cat lover but not all cats are to blame for diseases, nor dogs, many human beings are the worst carriers of all sorts of things in my opinion.

Thinking of you and hearing what you say.

Best wishes to you. Xxx

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Morrison10 in reply to sassy59

Yes I agree that Uk cats that are looked after shouldn’t carry parasites etc. Morrison is cat my daughter brought me few days after my husband died. She had seen him at vets who had treated him where he had been bitten on neck for few months in Morrison car park after we think owner in sheltered housing had died. He’s a very clean cat, and goes vet for regular check ups.

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bv68dench in reply to Morrison10

You called him Morrison, love it.

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Morrison10 in reply to bv68dench

Thanks, seemed appropriate, he answers when called Morrison

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I agree with the others. I have kept cats for 42 years and never had any problem with them. They are well looked after and don't carry any parasites.

As you said dogs do too and as sassy said so do humans, so I can't understand why you dislike cats so much. If you had got this from a dog would you dislike them all too?

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Jaybird19 in reply to hypercat54

not brcause of this at all

cats are not friendly, dogs are

some people just dont like cats and do not warm to them. i am not the only one

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hypercat54 in reply to Jaybird19

Well that is your choice. There are many including me who are passionate about cats, and more so than dogs. We will have to agree to differ.

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Alberta56 in reply to Jaybird19

Some cats are too friendly. I always worry about those sociable cats who will greet any passer by in the street. You read horrible stories about cat snatchers.

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TomTitTot in reply to Jaybird19

Ironic then, that your profile picture is a CAT…


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Jaybird19 in reply to TomTitTot

didnt know what it was until you said . is it a lion ? never bothered with that

now changed

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Jaybird19 in reply to TomTitTot

well tried to change avatar . no success yet . does it matter?

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I don’t like cats either. Obviously I’d always be kind to them, but I don’t really like them. It’s their habit of bringing broken birds or half killed tiny mice in. I know this is natural behaviour for a cat, and in fact they don’t all do it, but it still puts me off. And you never know where they’ve been sticking their noses when they’re out & about

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peege in reply to eleanordigby

I'm not a cat person either, I think you either are or you aren't. Not liking cats doesn't make us bad people, I just prefer dogs and horses. My dog has vet prescribed anti parasitic medication monthly and med against tape worm 4 times per year because I've always known about toxoplasmosis from the days when my kids were small and only a very few responsible people cleared up after their dogs. Plus I lived in Africa where there were plenty of nasties to protect little ones from including rabies.

I'm sorry you caught toxoplasmosis Jaybird, that must have awful and scary. My husband, little son & I caught ameobic dysentery (I know it's not a parasite), amazingly the baby didn't get it but it was awful and the medicine for it worse.

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eleanordigby in reply to peege

Pet owners can be very defensive. I’m not mad on horses either (they can be so nervy on the road) and I actively dislike bl**dy pigeons (though I’d never harm one), but I really like dogs. I think jaybird’s point is that everyone knows about the risks of toxoplasmosis in dogs, but it’s not as well known amongst cat owners

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Jaybird19 in reply to eleanordigby

yes indeed. thank you also i found the the fact thatsomeone is working on using the parasite for our advantage instead of it using us .

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bluepuddy in reply to eleanordigby


Excuse me, sorry to intrude.

I can understand that you wouldn’t like some cats’ hunting habits, even though they are a deterrent to mice.

My cat has always been an indoor cat, only going out in the garden when we do and is not attracted to birds or mice. On the other hand she swipes at butterflies, not so nice. I have to discourage her. My last cat hated birds and used to get in a rage when they sang outside the window. Every cat is different and funnily enough they aren’t all hunters. My female cats have always loved the smell of flowers in the garden and a lot of cats are drawn to catnip (nepeta).

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eleanordigby in reply to bluepuddy

I can’t have a cat anyway (highly allergic) but also I don’t find most of them friendly. I think you either like cats or you don’t. I can’t say I dislike them, I’m just not very keen!

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bluepuddy in reply to eleanordigby

Fair enough, everybody is entitled to their opinion.


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So interesting. Thanku 4 warning x

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I was first and foremost a dog lover but got my first cat when I realised I couldn’t care properly for a new dog due to my health issues. I am now on my second cat and love him to bits! I’m afraid I do take exception to your comments. I have always ensured all my pets receive required inoculations plus flea and worm treatment. It’s called caring for a pet! Dog faeces also carries a toxoplasmosis that can and does blind people. I don’t blame the dog for that but rather the neglectful owners who don’t pick up dog poo or get required jabs for said animal.

I would also question why you were eating unwashed fruit?? That in itself is a risk whichever country you are in. Yes cats carry parasites but so do many many other animals. I’m sorry for what you have gone through but feel you were unlucky rather than anything else.

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djbctla in reply to Bevvy

I second everything u have said Bevvy, we have 2 cats - Paddy and Moana. Our children each have a cat and a dog and children. The animals are give all their vaccines as are the adults and children 😂 no health problems with either species.

I do sympathise with Jaybird, and wish her good health.


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Jaybird19 in reply to Bevvy

taverna food and they were trying to sell me apricots so gave me one to eat , afterwaerds i saw the woman picking up the fruit from the ground where cats were in large numbers. there yhe cats were allowed to breed but killed at the end of the season. not good

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hypercat54 in reply to Bevvy

Well said Bevvy. I love dogs but love cats even more. It's their independent nature I love most of all. You know when a cat loves you it's genuine. Whereas with dogs it's also cupboard love. They can be bribed and cats can't.

There are diseases you can get with either so I don't think it's fair to disparage cats because you dislike them. And yes I agree with Bevvy again - never eat unwashed fruit from anywhere even in the UK. I also rinse the lids of tins with boiling water as you never knows what's been at them.

I heard of someone who even licked an envelope not knowing a cockroach had been on it and she got a nasty illness from it. You can never be too careful.

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you have all taken this as apersonal attack on your pet cats you are all responsible cat and dog owners , but vet bills can be expensive and not everyone knows about the responsibilities to wards the animals that are kept either as pets or working to keep mice and rats down . This is not necessariy so , especially abroad . and no one has commented on the research being done re use against cancer in modern medicine which is what interested me. i have lived with this and like the idea of using the parasite which harms us and changes our actions, to change the cancer cells and make them susceptible to our own immune systems.

this twist appeals to me and I hope it succeeds. I cannot give you a ref only tp the publication called The Conversation which picked it up as being of inyerest .

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Not likely in my case. It is called responsible pet ownership that can be tested and treated. It is called taking proper care of your pet. Don't be so quick to judge. It isn't fair in more ways than one.

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I don't like cats either. I don't care how responsible owners are, cats can carry diseases.My friend was scratched on her hand by her cat. The cat had been in contact with a rat and contaminated her hand.

The result was horrendous. The wound spread up her arm and it was a horrible site . Her whole hand and arm was infected and it was really unpleasant to see. It was swollen and scabbed and unrecognisable as her arm.

She was lucky not to have lost her arm and is left with terrible disfigurement of her hand and fingers.

All cats go outside and even in their own garden can come in contact with vermin. This is why I don't like them any where near my house. I spray around my house to keep them away.


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hypercat54 in reply to garshe

I am sorry about your friend but dogs and all animals can carry disease. If your friend had been contaminated by a dog would you then dislike all dogs?

After all we have all heard of children touching dog mess and then going blind. And cats do protect against mice and rats which cause some horrendous diseases too. They have their uses.

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garshe in reply to hypercat54

I have to admit I also dont like Dogs messing near my house. We had a friend whose grandson lost his sight after coming in contact with Dog Poo . Since the Pandemic there are more dogs now as people bought them so they could go out walking during Lockdown. It annoys me when they walk past my house and never their own houses . I have a patch of grass outside my house it's the other side of pavement so not my property. Seeing dogs weeing even annoys me as it smells disgusting I am forever pouring disinfectant there. It's the same with cats as they dont mess outside their own homes. If you have a pet then keep it away from other properties. xxSheila

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Bevvy in reply to garshe

Again I think responsible pet ownership means people do everything possible to not annoy others. Neither of my cats were ever messing in other peoples gardens. My first cat I actually spoke to a pet shop owner as to how to encourage her to only use my garden to toilet. It didn’t work because she actually preferred to use her own inside litter tray! She would even come in from the garden use the litter tray and then go back outside again!! Likewise my current cat uses his litter tray for toileting needs. I work to keep it fresh and clean so he wants to use it. Sadly he is a proficient hunter but I have invested in 3 bells on his collar and I believe that stops him. Certainly since he brought home a live rat and I had hysterics about it (some 4yrs ago) he hasn’t brought anything home!!!

Again with my dog (who sadly died a long time ago now) I would always clear up his poo and carried bags with me to ensure he wasn’t a danger to others.

Responsible ownership means ensuring pets don’t annoy other people!!

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hypercat54 in reply to garshe

You can't with a cat unfortunately. Dogs yes but not cats.

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Yes cats killing birds is horrible I agree but:-

There are dogs with strong prey instincts that will chase and kill anything that moves.

Worse..there are humans that do the same.

People lose limbs or can die from scratching a finger on a rusty nail.

Bacteria that cause us harm are everywhere..not just carried by cats.

Cats (and dogs) in many foreign countries are uncared for, despised and left to scavenge for food. This is not their fault and it's a miserable life until they die of disease and hunger.

No living creature can choose what they are born as. Nor can they change their inbred nature.

I'm thankful not to have been born a despised and unloved animal.

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I think it lovely that we are all so different .I am unable to have a furry companion as am hyper allergic to animal dander.Mum had an elderly rescue cat who gave her life meaning ,routine and companionship.

I love dogs but again can only admire from a distance.

Perhaps I should get a chameleon or a snake like my friend- or may be not think hubby would run a mile!

Whatever the companion you have in your life what a blessing they are.

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I'm sorry you had this horrible illness. It would be nice to think the Greeks had grown more hygienic in their habits, but I doubt it, thinking how long it has taken to persuade some British dog owners to pick up their dogs' poo. I didn't see your post as an attack on cat owners, more as a warning to remember to get their pets jabbed regularly. Each to their own- our Sooty brought a lot of pleasure into our lives, but any future cat we get will have to be an indoor cat; the road outside is too horrendously busy. PS Who said cats can't be bribed-I remember one who could.

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Before people start getting rid of their cats, let`s have a bit of balance to the article. Kindly read the following.

If toxoplasmosis can do all that, why would anybody own a cat??

Domino-sleepingBecause even though cats spread the disease, we are very unlikely to catch it directly from them. Cats are only capable of spreading the disease for the first 2-3 weeks after they are first infected. After that, they are immune to new infections and although they may later show symptoms, they are not later contagious. And then even if your cat was shedding eggs, there has to be direct ingestion of the contaminated faecal material by humans. Not many of us (perhaps toddlers aside…) will intentionally consume cat faeces, but we will sometimes come inside after gardening and grab a quick sandwich without remembering to wash our hands. This is not a problem with the cat itself, rather our own personal hygiene. It is extremely unlikely that you would pick up toxoplasmosis by petting your cat or being scratched or bitten by your cat, because the organism is not spread by the fur or saliva. You CAN, however, pick up toxoplasmosis by eating undercooked infected meat, particularly lamb and pork. Again, this is not your cat’s fault, rather our own lack of taste or culinary skills, and is by far the most common way of picking up the disease in developed countries.

I will now take one of our cats off my iPad and start working. Her typing skills are not quite up to scratch. Have a good day, with or without a cat, Chris.

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Jaybird19 in reply to LissacFrance

i once read that to get a marriage licence in france you had to be free of toxoplasmosis . In a land that eats lamb pink (or rather rose ), there is more chance of getting it , but usually in most people the response is merely a flu like illness . i say merely but this years flu type is not at all merely!

I was unlucky that it affected my eye . the parasite connected to undercooked pork is usually a completely different organism. I i have forgotten its name but think it was a tapeworm ? Have looked it up and it is called trichinella. I have forgotten all my parasitology. too many years passed since i needed to know that

i believe it is the female cats when pregnant, and the kittens, that shed the infective oocysts. i have no idea of the infective life of these oocysts but imagine it could be be quite some time if encysted .

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Hello Jaybird,

Whilst living in France, many years ago, I rescued an angora kitten from a pet shop. It was very dirty and unbeknownst to me, as it was a long haired kitten with a matted coat, covered in fleas. Before this I hadn’t seen fleas and it was the vet who identified them ! I washed everything in sight, including the kitten, After some time I suffered from what I thought was extreme fatigue and the doctor said I had toxoplasmosis. The cat and I were treated and I passed many good years with a wonderful cat that used to sit on my shoulders , the only cat that has done this. Neither of us suffered from toxoplasmosis again.

Cats are animals and like all animals vulnerable to disease, especially when you don’t have an indoor cat and it can be infected by other cats. Feral cats are subject to a range of diseases owing to the lack of care and food they receive. However, regular grooming and vet visits should keep your own cat happy and healthy and also you.

Each cat has its own definite personality, so are not all the same. They can be intuitive, loving friends and mine over the years have left me with some beautiful memories. My cats have returned every bit of the love I’ve given them and more. I also love dogs.

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Oh Jaybird, that was a terrible thing to happen to you. I’m more of a dog person than cat, but we did have a cat for 16 years. I made sure that she was always up to date with her inoculations, and she was never spotted on the kitchen worktops, but I always washed all fruit and regularly cleaned surfaces before preparing food.

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Hi Jaybird. Your post is a very interesting read and I was previously unaware of that particular parasite. I still love cats and dogs :) Thanks for an interesting post xxx

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Jaybird19 in reply to JJ_7

what i also found interestingis that the parasite can and does affect the behaviour of the animal or person carrying it. that has been proved and mice do not avoid cats if infected. the scent is enought to drive them away usually but quite opposite if carrying the parasite .

. does that mean that if I have the parasite that i take more risks ?

insurance companies could have a field day !

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I like cats, but am unfortunately allergic to them. They bring on my asthma symptoms. I only have to go into a house where there are cats and I'll start wheezing or sneezing. Dogs on the other hand are absolutely fine. Ours sleeps on the bed and she doesn't affect me at all.

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Hi all, I love all animals, I have had 9 cats in my adult life, only two of them were planned. The rest have been strays or ferals, all in difficult situations before they came to me. Not a single one has attacked me, all have been incredibly affectionate after getting tame, with adult ferals that has taken around 5 months (much quicker with strays and kittens). My point is that, whatever an animal’s circumstance, kindness and compassion bring wonderful things. Of course they have all had vet visits and inoculations, and they are well fed and cared for. We only had fleas in once, when my latest addition broke in (physically broke the cat flap) and moved in. He turned out to be a Maine Coon when properly fed and cleaned, and behaves very much like a dog - loves to be by my side, takes walks with me, comes when I call him.

As to illness and parasites- our own immunity is key in how well we deal with whatever comes our way. We could all catch something given the circumstances, but we can shake it off quicker if our immunity is good. Eat rainbow foods (the more natural colours the better variety of nutrients), wash everything because you don’t know what has been sprayed as fertiliser and insecticide, and who has had mucky hands when handling it. Find ways to exercise, even if it is from a chair. Exercise lungs either by physical exercise or singing if exercise is restricted. If we keep ourselves and our pets clean and healthy then the likelihood of catching anything is vastly reduced, and the chances of beating anything we catch quickly and efficiently are increased.

How we live matters. For me, the love involved with my pets gives rise to positive hormones which contribute to wellness, great mental and physical health, and good immunity despite a few autoimmune conditions.

Wishing you all the kind of love in your lives that my pets bring to mine

Cleo, stray, not many teeth but full of Love ❤️
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bluepuddy in reply to earthnymph


Your cat is beautiful, such lovely eyes and ebony fur. My cat is also very affectionate. It’s a gift.

earthnymph profile image
earthnymph in reply to bluepuddy

thanks, I know I’m biased but I do think she’s a stunner ❤️ The love of an animal given by purely their choice is such a gift, I agree completely

hypercat54 profile image
hypercat54 in reply to earthnymph

What a beautiful cat - I want her. To my mind dog lovers usually want something from a dog ie companionship, love, the opportunity for long walks in the fresh air etc. Nothing wrong in that.

I know cat lovers do get ones for those reasons and also for a mice problem, but most including me get them because we love cats. That's it - end of. I expect nothing from mine at all but I do get a lot anyway. Cats just fascinate me and I love their company.

earthnymph profile image
earthnymph in reply to hypercat54

Thanks, Cleo loves compliments and adulation 😉🥰 they truly are remarkable creatures, I feel so lucky to have them in my life

bluepuddy profile image
bluepuddy in reply to earthnymph


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Cornishman1966 in reply to earthnymph

What a lovely attitude. The world would be a better place if more people thought that way about animals.

earthnymph profile image
earthnymph in reply to Cornishman1966

thanks, sometimes people just need to be let know, or see, how beautiful things can be with kindness and compassion. Sometimes that’s all it takes because they might not have been lucky enough to experience it before 💕

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Threecats in reply to earthnymph

Completely agree with your comments, earthnymph. As I type I have a feral cat who was left outside to fend for herself as a small kitten by her owner, as a vet had told him she would never be a house cat. That was during the winter when we had the “beast from the East”. I took her on and she’s now in her igloo next to the radiator in my kitchen. It took a lot of patience and love to persuade her that she would be safe indoors but it was worth the effort. Your Cleo is beautiful!

earthnymph profile image
earthnymph in reply to Threecats

I’m so glad for her that she found you, and I’m betting you are so glad she came into your life. Earning the trust and love of a feral cat is a wonderful and rewarding achievement 💕 it’s a pleasure to know there are such lovely caring people like you and the others who have spoken on here 😊

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hypercat54 in reply to Threecats

My kitten came from a friend whose cat unexpectedly became pregnant again. He was still pretty wild when I got him at 8 weeks as he had to put up with other cats, a dog, and being lumped around by kids. He also spent all his time outdoors.

But with lots of love, patience, and firmness he has turned out a lovely cat - affectionate (when he chooses like all cats), but living his best life now. That's all I wanted for him.

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Dear Jaybird,

I have read on Healthline that cats are not only the cause of toxoplasmosis. I believed that I caught it from my cat, but I could have been wrong. Thinking back, I remember that the vet said that my cat wouldn’t have it any more, after I informed him about the toxoplasmosis.

Healthline states that :

Overall, it’s very rare for humans to get toxoplasmosis from cats. House cats that aren’t allowed outside have a very low chance of carrying T. gondii. Wild cats or cats that live outside and hunt are more likely to be hosts of the parasite. Cats don’t usually show symptoms of toxoplasmosis.

Undercooked meat.

You can get toxoplasmosis from raw or undercooked meat and shellfish. This includes:pork, lamb, venison, oysters, mussels, or clams. Make sure all meat and shellfish are cooked to a safe internal temperature before eating.

The fact that you were eating raw food makes me wonder if the toxoplasmosis came from that ?

I, however, am sure that your symptoms must have been extremely traumatising and I can thoroughly sympathise. I remember that I once contracted blood poisoning from a minestrone in an Italian restaurant 👀. Though your symptoms were more dramatic. I hope you are fully recovered now.

Jaybird19 profile image
Jaybird19 in reply to bluepuddy

it came from the fruit t hat i was given in a greek taverna , they tried to sell me more apricots abd picked them off the ground under the trees to give me , that was after the meal at taverna / what made youi think i was eating raw food ?

bluepuddy profile image
bluepuddy in reply to Jaybird19

Yes, sorry about that, but certainly you could have got it from any food you ate that wasn’t cooked properly. It didn’t have to be raw. Another reason for getting toxoplasmosis is contact with cat litter. Your story of apricots being picked off the ground, might mean that these might have been mixed with minute cat faeces. However, this could apply to any animal, even rats. Saying this, unluckily my neighbour’s cats sometimes poo in my garden and up to now I am toxoplasmosis free. Though I do try to remember to wear gloves. Their cats are vaccinated. Greek cats are often left to roam, dirty and without medical care. Your fruit should have been washed and this points to a general lack of hygiene methods on the part of the taverna owners.

I have a friend in Wales who has 8 cats now and has had more or less the same number over the years. She hasn’t come across toxoplasmosis, which illustrates how rare it is. Your warning, however, was well meant and should be appreciated as such. It’s understandable that you would have been traumatised by the dramatic effects in your case and I hope that your health will improve in the future.

Kristicats profile image

I have the same feeling against Rats and Air con!

2 clean, vaccinated cats
earthnymph profile image
earthnymph in reply to Kristicats

beautiful! I did have pet rats as a child, they were also very affectionate and entertaining, and completely clean (I used to bath them, not only did they let me but they loved my hairdryer afterwards 😂)

Kristicats profile image
Kristicats in reply to earthnymph

I think we are all wise enough to make sure our domesticated pets are well cared for, vaccinated and not a threat to us.

bluepuddy profile image
bluepuddy in reply to Kristicats

Your lovely cats look as if they are in deep contemplation.

Timberman profile image

Bad luck but to be honest it could have been any wild animal - cat; and then there are dogs, and birds, and - I find it best not to worry about the things I cannot do anything about and keep my worries for the things I can affect. By the way, if the cat infected your food it is the humans you should be blaming for their careless food prep practices.

Thepainterswife profile image

Oh dear ! I’m so sorry to hear you had all these problems and it’s good that you’ve highlighted the issue to those amongst us who may have had no idea of the possible diseases carried by dogs and cats . I would only echo what others have said that any pet cared for by a responsible owner should not cause any health issues other than possible allergies. The wider issue is how we go about our lives , if we are to be motivated by fear we are going to be extremely sad creatures . Every living thing could pose a health risk , every animal , domesticated or otherwise ,could be carrying harmful parasites every plant could be harbouring dangerous bacteria - the list is infinite 🤷🏻‍♀️ Good hygiene is key but then building up immunity in children must also involve contact with bacteria , virus etc There is evidence to suggest that allergies are on the rise because of lack of contact - balance and good sense is the only answer . Fear will not stop me from walking through forests , fields , open countryside etc where no doubt rats etc have wandered before me . Life is to be lived , the world is to be enjoyed ,sensibly but without fear x

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Morrison10 in reply to Thepainterswife

just read you post, very good, well done. Years ago when I was growing up was told that playing with animals and soil was good for us, build up immunity. Don’t know if this is still correct, but I was born with my PCD, and that reason why I have problems and are on here. Jean x

Thepainterswife profile image
Thepainterswife in reply to Morrison10

True Jean, childhood was much easier and less trouble free years ago than it is these days . I’m sure in some ways there have been improvements and equally sure that in many ways childhood these days is sadly very restricted 🥲 You are a good example of what I’ve tried to say about life ie often humans have afflictions and health issues that have to be dealt with , despite all precautions. People are born with and deal with issues all their lives , others are born with but only know of health issues and deal with them as they get older . In every case the only control we have is how we react , positivity being good and fear being no help at all . I know from your posts that despite your issues you have enjoyed a full and interesting life and I take my hat off to you 😊 x

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Thepainterswife

hi, thanks for kind comments. iPad been causing problems so couldn’t respond until day. Hope all well with you. Jean xx

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I’m sorry to hear of your experience Jaybird and can understand how traumatic it must have been for you but I don’t quite see why it means you subsequently dislike cats, if you don’t blame them for what happened to you.

As an analogy, when I was a child I was involved in a road accident. The injuries I sustained still cause me problems to this day, nearly 50 years later but I don’t hate all cars as a result of being hit by one. The fault lies with the humans involved, not the car, or cats in your case.

Your post implies that all cats carry diseases and are to be feared for that reason but all animals, including humans, can carry pathogens that can be potentially harmful. In the case of toxoplasmosis and cats, the transmission is via faecal material from an infected cat but simple hygiene measures remove any potential risk easily. Eating undercooked meat or contaminated shellfish, or food prepared by someone who hasn’t washed their hands, is a more likely source of transmission in adults. As Thepainterswife so eloquently puts it, everything can have the potential to cause us harm but a life lived in fear of “ what if” is no life at all.

As can be seen from the replies above, cats as companions can, and do, bring a lot of pleasure into someone’s life , as they have in mine. It would be a shame if anyone thinking of getting a cat were put off by your post, given the very low likelihood of a properly cared for cat being infected in the first place and the fact that simple hygiene measures, namely washing produce and washing hands , will negate the problem completely.

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Sorry for your experience jaybird, however I know someone who lost sight due to chickenpox virus damaging retina because immune system was weakened. Life is full of risks that we can only try to manage by our own actions, eg hand washing, not eating undercooked meat, etc etc. Pets, including a cat, are a joy to many. Shame not all countries look out for animals. Enjoy your furry friends responsibly. 😺🐕🐰🐎🦜

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I have an indoor cat he is seen regularly by the vet and has all his vaccines. As someone said earlier cats in Greece Spain etc are not kept as we keep our cats. I have been around cats since birth.

Sharp5Flat13 profile image

Here’s a good reference for “zoonotic diseases” (capable of passing from animal to human). I’ve always advocated keeping a cat indoors. Their life span on average will be longer, no HBC (hit by car), no abscesses from fighting with other cats, and no decrease in the bird population from hunting behavior.

I think cats (Felis domesticus) can make great companion mammals. Animal dander is something we with COPD/emphysema might want to consider. A short-haired cat might be chosen over other breeds. I’d say ask your GP and ask your pulmonologist since individual cases differ and change with time.


Bachelors of Science, zoology, UC Davis, 1988.

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Some people like cats, some people don’t, some people like dogs and some people don’t. Live and let live…we all have different personalities, likes and dislikes. I don’t mind nice cats but my neighbour’s cat I loves killing garden birds (which I love) and constantly poos in my garden.

earthnymph profile image
earthnymph in reply to JulyAugust

hiya, maybe plant some citrus- scented pelargoniums , they smell beautiful but cats aren’t keen 😊

JulyAugust profile image
JulyAugust in reply to earthnymph

Thanks, I’ll give it a try 😉

bluepuddy profile image
bluepuddy in reply to earthnymph

Excuse me joining in. My neighbour’s cats are lovely except for their occasional poo in our garden. I get on well with my neighbours, so citrus scented pelargoniums and maybe some lemon balm may be an aimiable deterrent 😀.

JulyAugust profile image
JulyAugust in reply to bluepuddy

Thank you blue puddy…I shall be planting some in the summer!

bluepuddy profile image
bluepuddy in reply to JulyAugust


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bluepuddy in reply to Sillysausage234

I love this 😀 I must admit that cats are resourceful, always having had to live on their wits. Though my cat is surprisingly sympathetic and tries to cheer me up with a lick or a cuddle.

pickingflowers4u profile image

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately popular belief is that cate are harmless creatures. I share you view ,and have researched the problems accociated with cat fleas. Be assured all cats have / carry them. Treatments are only partially helpful. They too can lower the immune systems effectiveness.

pepparuby1 profile image

that sounds awful for you. In the UK like many have said, Cats are cared for more, my cats visit the vet for the annual vacinations and are fleed and wormed regularly. I suppose we all carry something but i wouldnt be without my little darlings, they are sooooo good for my mental health, living alone they are a great comfort to me. I lost one in October and am still grieving for her, she was my life she was my friend and yes, they dont always show affection and it is sometimes on their terms which for me, makes them so much more adorable,

signed..... Cat slave lol

catgirls1976 profile image
catgirls1976 in reply to pepparuby1

How's Pepparuby the black panther and Hector getting on?

Baby is great and still getting spoilt!

pepparuby1 profile image
pepparuby1 in reply to catgirls1976

they are settled and doing well hope baby is good x

catgirls1976 profile image
catgirls1976 in reply to pepparuby1

Baby is as fit as a fiddle and as fat as a pig and sends her best wishes to Pepparuby and Hector!

catgirls1976 profile image
catgirls1976 in reply to pepparuby1

Mollie was lovely wasn't she?

pepparuby1 profile image
pepparuby1 in reply to catgirls1976

she was - very special my angel

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