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Update-COPD emergency pack- what should be in it?

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Latest update- my mum has spoken with Gp new emergency pack issued and new antibiotics given with instructions to halt statins for a week! Evidently mum much better today! Thank you all x

- Update! Thank you all for replies! They are awaiting call from GP! Tuesday 8/11

my mum has COPD and lives 300 miles away- she has woken over the weekend with very sore throat and chesty cough- alerted my brother who lives with her that she should have an emergency pack- he found antibiotics amoxycillin and has started her on those! What else should be in there? I asked no steroids in it but he doesnt understand the difference and said yes antibiotics! He is trying to get mum a gp appt i said call 111 if no joy! They dont have a number for copd nurse etc- no idea if antibiotics are in date but darent ask he stressed enough! Help

25 Replies
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I have a lung disease.in my rescue pack is Doxycycline and Prednisolone.

Perhaps you could leave a message for mumsG. lately I can’t get an appointment or speak to a GP, I leave a message with the receptionist,this has worked to me for up to now. Hope this helps.

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Robinface in reply to Oshgosh

thank you for responding- just getting someone to even answer the phone is a miracle! I suggested e consult as i know her drs have that facility! 🤞🏻 He gets through! Take care

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Alberta56 in reply to Oshgosh

Mine is the same.

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my rescue pack has steroids and antibiotics. This is norm for rescue pack. But many GPs won’t issue rescue packs.

With regards appointments my surgery opens at 08:00 and in order to get an appointment THAT is when you need to phone, waiting until 08:05 unlikely to get an appointment. Gp situation is extremely difficult.

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Outrageous isn't it that you can't get your GP when it's urgent ..An emergency pack is usually an antibiotic but it needs to be one that eradicates that particular bug and steroids for when things get really bad like struggling to breathe ..... I was told by my consultant that Amoxycillin aren't powerful enough for my bugs so mum really must get the right ones by anyone that actually cares ...

This won't get rid of bugs but might help her sore throat and maybe help her to breathe ... some honey added to hot lemon squash and Good old fashioned Buttercup Syrup which you can get from the shelf plus a nice hot water bottle to soothe her ... and maybe some sweets like Halls soothers or Tunes ...

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davidcantswim in reply to poppyshola

Olbas Oil gently spread into chest and throat area really helps me

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Can mum not tell u what she usually takes? Sounds like virus but they often turn to bacterial infection in lung disease.its worth her doing a specimen for testing

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Robinface in reply to Patk1

mum cant remember bless her! Been a long time since she was poorly! Thanks for reply

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You can always check the N.I.C.E Guidelines on what treatment your mum should get, at least you'll know which will help in asking questions of docs or respiratory team on mum's behalf. For instance if she's quite poorly the standard dose and time prescribed for a 'normal' ie normally well person won't be sufficient.

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When I went to renew my prescription for my rescue pack I was told steroids were no longer in the pack!

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Robinface in reply to Karenanne61

thank you! I did wonder if packs are very individual but ta for replying!

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The rescue pack contains antibiotics and steroids. Antibiotics usually Amoxicillin or Doxycycline. The steroids Prednisolone. I am always given a 2 week course which I always have at home. The rescue pack you take when you get an exacerbation of C OPD. You dont take it for a viral infection. You usually know when you have an infection as you cough up green mucus. A sore throat is not usually a symptom of an exacerbation. Your Mum should speak to a Doctor or medical person. If she is having an exacerbation then she should take the Emergency pack immediately before it turns into something like pneumonia. xxSheila

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Robinface in reply to garshe

Thank you Sheila, much appreciated! They waiting to hear back from GP

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garshe in reply to Robinface

Find out how to contact your Mums Respiratory or COPD team . These are more helpful than GP's They can call to see your Mum at home and will give her their direct telephone number to contact anytime between 8.30am and 4.30pm daily

Just remember COPD is not terminal its progressive and can be treated to slow down symptoms..anxiety and panic is not good ,your Mum can learn to control her breathing. Also there is a Pulmonary Rehab course which is very informative and helpful..

It must be frustrating for you living so far away but there is help out there for your Mum

Sometimes its wise to be admitted to A&E as get to meet the Consultant where you are given contact numbers for when you are discharged. . Once your Mum is on the system she will be monitored and they will keep on touch


Goid luck xxSheila 🙏🤞👍

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Robinface in reply to garshe

thank you yes i am aware there will be a copd team but mum does not have the number and still need to speak to surgery to get it! Mum wont do pulmonary rehab and reluctant to go to hospital or even GP! Mum has siblings with this awful condition so aware of progression. Frustrating for my brother bless him! Thank you for responding x

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garshe in reply to Robinface

I am very Positive and look at there are others far worse off than myself. I have had Severe COPD for 12yrs now and have learnt to manage it quite well. Pulmonary rehab teaches you how to manage your condition,also meeting others with same complaint you can learn so much Keep away from negative people and stay positive. Be grateful for what you can do and dont concentrate on what you can't.. Every day is a blessing and I am grateful for that xxSheila 💕⚘

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If your GP surgery has a pharmacy attached ask to speak to them rather than a health worker. They always repeat my rescue pack (Amoxycillin and Prednisolone) without any problems.

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Good morning ghoust rider here have your family member got a consulant in your local hospital they have secretary they can advise you on your local copd / asma nurse some time they can offer a tlephone number to / or try british lung foundation they helpfull to all the best ghoustrider

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Hi Robinface, My GP doesn't like to give us rescue packs, the hospital doctors were bewildered by this when I was admitted with severe breathing difficulties, I think the simple fact was that if we had rescue packs then most of us would stay out of hospital thus using less of their vital services. When I have had rescue packs in the past they consisted of Amoxicillin and prednisolone, getting ill now is scary as like most people getting a GP appointment is so hard, luckily in my area we have a service called Mycare 24, they take daily readings of my oxygen sats and BPM through an app on my phone, if they think I need help they get me a GP appointment the same day, usually within a couple of hours, maybe there is a similar service in your mums area, if she is really struggling with her breathing use the emergency services, I hope she gets well soon...

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I always do a covid test when I have had an exasperation and get an appointment, simply because on a few occasions the doctor/nurse have replied that the symptoms sound like covid and to do a test first. So to rule out covid and all the extra hassle of then having to make another appointment, I do one on before I make the appointment. It also gives me peace of mind that I don't have covid.

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I read your post but I don’t have COPD so can’t help, except to say there’s nothing wrong with amoxicillin it’s a broad spectrum antibiotic so will treat most common bacteria. Also it wouldn’t matter if they were a bit out of date.

Hope the gp appointment is helpful today - let us know!

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Robinface in reply to eleanordigby

mum had a phone call after my brother had to fetch forms for mum to sign so he could call gp on her behalf! She has new anti biotics and is beginning to feel a little better! Thanks

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Sounds like mum usually manages well,not having flare up for ages.as shes not keen on drs or hospital,read up on IHSS.dr needs to refer people.thn if ever unsure,struggling and unwell theyll come out + decide if rescue meds are needed etc.cuts out lot of hassle x

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Aw thank God for that ... I'm sure Mum feels quite a bit better knowing that her Dr is listening ... there's nothing worse than being made to feel your making a fuss over nothing .. I hope she feels better soon x

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