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Emergency Pack for Breathing Exacerbations or Emergencies.

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Emergency Pack for Breathing Exacerbations or Emergencies.

Good afternoon everyone, recently I had what I thought was the start of an Breathing Exacerbation starting, my chest chest got extremely tight and wheezy but my sputum didn't increase or change colour. For that reason I just took the steroids and Not the Antibiotics, I informed my GP of my action and he said I was right to just take the Steroids but to keep an eye on things and if I didn't improve to contact him again. Luckily I felt better after about 3 days and my breathing improved.

In cases similar to mine does anyone else on here only use their Steroids sometimes?

Thank you all in anticipation and have a lovely Easter.

8 Replies
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Hi Joseph yes I have done that before and my GP told me the same thing. Have a lovely afternoon and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Nine times out of ten I have only taken prednisolone Joseph for what is considered to be a non infection flare up. It certainly seems that you didn't need to take antibiotics on this occasion.

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Hi, yes if it's a wheeze I take steroids if I rattle I take antibiotics 👍

Hi I mostly use just my steroids as they reduce any inflammation quite quickly if I know my exacerbation is infective then I take the antibiotics , hope you're feeling better

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I must be lucky in that I rarely get infections and find that the prednisolone by itself usually sorts out my flare ups.

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As my gp wont give out emergency packs unless you have severe copd I now dont have this choice, but I have done this in the past when wheezy instead of rattly. I think you did the right thing x

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Quite often just use the steriods. Infact started using them tonight. I have no symptoms of an infection so hoping steriods help to settle current breathing difficulties.

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Yes, always have emergency prednisolone available plus antibiotics. Just had a flare up and simply took the steroids although one doctor I spoke to on the phone who didn't know me, told me to take both. I feel you get to know when you have an infection and need antibiotics. Mind you, all the times I've been in hospital, they've thrown both at me!

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