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Spirometry results good

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hello, i had my first Spirometry test done two weeks ago and have just received the results, i should add I’m 32, had mild asthma all my life but under control apart from the last 4/5 years where my wheezing is unbearable, constant feeling of dust/particles irritating my throat and affecting my breathing making me want to cough. It’s been horrible. Doctors have given me highest dose antihistamines, upped inhalers over the years, given steroids and nothing has helped.

The Spirometry results were as follows:

FEV1 - 3.43 - 99%

FVC - 4.11 - 99%

RATIO - 83%

PEAK FLOW -9.31 - 129%

From these results being good? I think? You would imagine i have no problems? But why am i struggling so so much, awaiting consultant appointment but on long wait list.

5 Replies
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I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I can only suggest you ask your GP to try and hurry the hospital along a bit. We on this forum are not medics and can only tell you about our own experiences, none of which seem to quite tally with yours. Good luck.

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Bless you-agree with Alberta see if gp can hurry them up a bit.

I also had spirometry for the first time in many years but was unable to complete the test as it preciptated an asth!ma attack

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What you are going thru can be very frustrating. You may need to take a more proactive look at your environment.

I have Bronchiectasis w/asthma. It started in my late 30s, I'm now 73. For the pass 6 years, I have felt better than I did before. Even small changes can make a big difference (I bought goose down bed pillows once. Started coughing a lot more at night and then realized it was the pillows).

Changes that can make a big improvement on your health:

Get an air purifier to eliminate dust and pollen in the home (I have one in my bedroom).

If you have an older house, check for hidden mold and mildew.

What's the air quality in your area? A lot of factories polluting the air?

Stress, try to keep your stress level down.

It wasn't until I retired from a stressful job and moved to a newly built house (free of mold) in an area of better air quality that my breathing improved. Not one ER visit, hospital stay or bronchoscopy in 6 years.

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Hi Coop20

I'm so sorry to hear your struggling, all I can say is that readings don't always reflect what you're experiencing. I have severe asthma but my FEV1 is often 85-89% range and my PF is 580. Even when I'm struggling the readings hardly change. My mum developed a cough after Covid and her spirometry readings are also above average even though she now needs a steroid inhaler. So it's important to go off how you feel as some tiny parts of your lungs can be inflamed but it doesn't always show up on lung function tests. Some of the air sacs in your lungs are 2mm and smaller. I would keep a diary to take with you to your appointment to show the consultant what you're going through day to day rather than relying on readings. Sometimes some doctors can be a bit too reliant on data and not real-life experience.

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thankyou for your replies, I’ve tried with my gp again but they just say wait for the consultant so I’m going to ring the hospital again Monday and ask for any news / update on my appointment and see if i can be put on cancellation waitlist.

Out of curiosity is mould as deadly as you’d think, could that be causing all this? I have an air purifier in my room but don’t have it on throughout the night just the evening before bed.

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