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Trying to get diagnosis for what you know you have

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Does anybody know how long it takes to be diagnosed with a lung problem? been coughing since November last year?

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Tricky one: four years to get the vascular condition diagnosed and another four years to get the airways one named. But they are both rare diseases. Good luck.


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3months to see specialist, then another couple of months for scans etc. Diagnosed shortly after.

Good luck

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Has copd since 2007 started coughing 2021 had tests x rays have some kind of bug which is being treated with 3 days a week with antibiotics and carbestine to loosen phlegm they are not worried about it.

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It took me over seven months for my problem to be identified as a lung problem rather than a heart problem. That was in 2017-18, long before covid-19 threw a spanner in the works of the NHS.

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Six months to get a referral to local hospital. Was told it would be another six months before I would be seen by specialist hospital. I was so very ill, we paid for a private consultation after three months and I was admitted five days after the private consultation. Nine months in total.

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You don't say what your GP is doing about it; but I can recommend asking for referral to your nearest cough clinic...there are a few dotted about the country and your GP can refer you to your nearest one. I spent the day at the one in Leicester at the end of which I was 'diagnosed' and pointed to the correct specialist. This was after months and months of GP neglect and a useless referral to a general respiratory physician. GP tried to say he could not refer me but luckily I had emailed the consultant in charge beforehand who had informed me that there was no problem with a GP referring me.

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Have you had a recent chest x ray …..did your GP arrange it ?

That’s usually the first step for a diagnosis .

Having said that when my cough and breathlessness started nearly 30 years ago , at first I was treated for a clot on my lung , then said no clot …asthma .

Before the availability of scans . It turns out I had double pneumonia .

If you haven’t had an X-ray ….go back to your gp , tell them your concerns .

For UK residents ALUK have a helpline open during the working week on

0333 222 5800.

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I went to see my GP and was referred for a chest X ray. The Xray was done within two days of referral, so very quickly in our area. The X ray showed hyperinflation of the lungs, so I was referred for a spirometry test. I am still waiting for that test (five months now).

I know people who have had a formal diagnosis much sooner, and others who have had to wait much longer.

Sorry, I can't be more helpful.

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Hi Pauline-Ann, I had a cough for years before I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, but that was a good few years ago so hopefully things have improved since then. I was finally sent for an xray and then referred to specialist who soon had the correct diagnosis. Maybe push for an xray? Good luck and take care xxx

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Hi Pauline-Ann, what has your gp done? have they referred you to a consultant? If not why not, coughing for this length of time seems worrying to me. Do you have any other symptoms? Are you experiencing infections. Until we know exactly how you feel we cannot give you advice. Take care, Maximonkey

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i had a lung absess 30 years ago but that has haunted me all my life and i am stil being told different diseases as times and knowledge changes. Ask for personal copies of reports. i am still waiting the result of EcG taken on 10 august. There are lots of other diseases that very often just go under the COPD umbrella.

Dont take no for an answer

good luck

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It took a year to get the bronchiectasis diagnosis. It was treated as asthma exasperations before then. The important thing is to insist on the necessary testing to get a diagnosis, if you haven't already. i.e. CT scan, sputum test, spirometry testing, etc. Only then will they know what's going on. Good luck and take care.

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