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Switching from Trimbow to Fostair/Spiriva

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On consultant's advice tomorrow my wife (end stage COPD) switches from Trimbow (after 2 years) to Fostair 200/6 twice a day plus Spiriva Respimat once daily. Also stays with Ventolin on an 'as needed' basis.

We assume the best time to take the Spiriva is first thing in the morning together with the first Fostair of the day. Has anyone found a more effective time scale?

I must say, first time I've grappled with a Spiriva, what a cack handed system ! It was a challenge just to get the cartridge in properly. The phrase "press down until it clicks" took on a new meaning for me, a mere 12 stone weakling!

8 Replies
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Hi, when I was prescribed spiriva I took it in a morning about half an hour after my fostair. I found that it didn't help me at all and was discontinued. I wasn't at all sorry as doing battle with the dispenser drove me mad! Grossly over engineered in my opinion. I hope your wife benefits from her new prescription, she is fortunate to have your help too.

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GarJon in reply to CDPO16

Thanks Carole. I'm certainly hanging on to the half used Trimbow in case Fostair doesn't work as well. I recall my wife being changed to Trelegy about a year ago, that 'experiment' lasted one night where the absence of Trimbow created major league breathlessness. Yes, good description of the Spiriva inhaler - over engineered indeed! Best wishes to you, John

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I was on Spiriva many years ago together with another inhaler that I've forgotten the name of. I was then changed to Fostair and Genuair. The Genuair used to jam up sometimes after only a few puffs and it was a relief when the hospital put me on Trimbow to replace the two. On a lighter note, I take so many different pills that I once swallowed the Spiriva capsule along with the rest. Luckily when out with the dog I met my GP on her morning run so I asked her and she burst out laughing. No ill effects though.

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I was on fostair but my problem was with it it kept me awake. But dont wont to.put you off it just want to make you away of one of the side affects.

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I ended bsck on beclamethasome and salmeterol for time being as last time i saw him he was either going to change it or another inhale to use as well but wont know until the rusilts come through and it been a month on monday since i had my ct scan on lungs because he thinks hemight be missing something.

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ihave just been put ion trim bow . think it all goes round on a merry go round . somebody once put ashtma on my diagnosis and nobody will remove it and I have bronchiectasis which is contrary to asthma in that lungs are flabby not constricted. as I believe it . also just been requested to see the asthma and copd nurse for annual check up !! not seen her for years and just have to go along with it.

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GarJon in reply to Jaybird19

Thanks for sharing everyone, our separate 'war stories' are always interesting! John

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As with almost all medications, there are individual variations in their effects. I was on Trimbow but in fact had to switch back to Spiriva and a combination of formoterol/budesonide and fluticasone propionate and Ventoline on a need basis. For me, Spiriva works really well and helps to reduce my symptoms.

Trimbow on the other hand didn’t really work for me. It gave me side effects in terms of worsened asthma.

So I think it’s a good idea to see what may work better on an individual basis.

Warm regards to everyone

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