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Travelling abroad with oxygen - advice needed

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Hi, I’m thinking of going to Spain for a holiday. It’s been 3 years since I visited there and my copd has deteriorated since then, I now use ambulatory oxygen to help me get out and about. Has anyone got any advice about how it all works? Dolby say I have to hire a POC for the flight and to use abroad as they don’t use cylinders in Spain. The cost is quite high and I was wondering if it might be better to buy my own? Does it work the same as the cylinders? Has anyone done this instead of hiring the equipment? Thank you in anticipation.

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Hi I don’t know how it works traveling that far afield. Good luck with the holiday plans. Hopefully someone wi have some answers for you soon.

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Just18 in reply to BreatheasyBe

Thank you 😊 I’m sure it will be a case of Viva Espana!

Hi, there was a post by siestasue 3 days ago about travelling abroad with oxygen. You may find the replies she received helpful.

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Just18 in reply to CDPO16

Ah thank you, I’ve looked through all the replies to sisestasue and also found lots of other information that’s very helpful - it’s amazing the information on this site! I’m determined I’m going to get to Spain and I’ll let you know how I get on.

Keep safe everyone x

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Balloo in reply to Just18

Just enjoy .

Hia buy an oxygen condenser . Plug in USB. Take anywhere . Freedom

One of our members on ambulatory O2 used to spend winters in southern Spain. She'd drive down. She also spent one winter in a warm part of East USA so where there's a will there's a way. I know she preferred wearing her O2 in a neat back pack leaving her arms free.

Unfortunately I can’t help you but I know many people on this site will have info. To assist you. Good luck and stay strong 🐞

2018...flew from LAX to London with my POC. I had multiple batteries but easily plugged the POC into an outlet onboard the plane. The airline (Norwegian ) asked for a clearance letter by GP to carry on the POC, but never did a flight attendant ask to see it. I also had an electronic nebulizer that would run only with the button depressed. That way I could nebulize albuterol without bothering anyone.

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Just18 in reply to Sharp5Flat13

Hi there, thank you for your sharing your experience and advice, it gives me great confidence to hear that you and others are flying using a POC with no problems. Keep enjoying yourself, many thanks.

Hello Just18I have severe Emphysema and use o2 most of the time when I am walking around but dont sleep with it on. I live in west Australia and I have travelled all over our big country by air over the years and to the USA and NZ and i used a POC. I used to hire them but as you say it gets expensive. I purchased one a few years ago now and i use it whenever i leave the house its magic. It gave me a new lease on life. The one thing i found out was if you buy one make sure you use it on a regular basis as they MUST be used you cant just have them sitting in the cupboard and use them 2or 3 times a year or they will be no good. buy one and go live your life seeing as many things as you can.

Hi there, it’s great to hear that the POC has enabled you to travel and keep enjoying your life - I’ve been told to do exactly that by whatever means possible. At the moment I’m feeling well enough to do some of the things I loved with the help of the ambulatory oxygen. So I’m thinking of hiring a POC first then if all goes well looking to buy one - great advice about having to use it all the time too. Many thanks and keep having fun!

HiDolby changed my ambulatory tanks for an inogen 5 , depending on how much you are on dictates how it lasts but you get a charger and one for the car so you can keep it charged. Plus it is small

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Just18 in reply to Eian59

Hi there, that’s exactly what I would like! I can’t carry the cylinders and I’ve got a ‘stroller’ which is also quite heavy after a while - my hubby usually takes over! Dolby is my oxygen supplier and they don’t have any stock of POC’s, I’ve been told they’re waiting for them coming in and have no idea when. They did give me a quotation though of £595 (plus vat if not exempt) for 2 weeks. I’m waiting for some other companies to get back to me with quotations. Thank you so much.

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