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OPEP Device Recommendation

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My son has COPD and Emphysema and I am trying to find the best device to help with the condition ie to exercise the lungs to keep them flexible and to assist excreting mucus ? Any advise would be greatly appreciated

6 Replies
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Hello and welcome, I have a flutter valve which I got from my respritory nurse,aybe ask th or your GP for one, they do a brilliant job and you can save you a lot of money buying an expensive one. Please keep posting and let us know how both you and your son are doing. Have a lovely weekend and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Hi. Like many things, physio devices are horses for courses: it comes down to individual preference a lot of the time. There are currently 6 opep devices available on prescription, including the acapella, flutter, and aerobika, which seem to be the most common ones in use. My daughter had an acapella for a while but found it ineffective. Switched to the aerobika, and by comparison, it’s the best thing for airway clearance for her outside of treatments that are only available in hospital. That doesn’t make it a better device, simply the one that is better for her, and you’ll probably get replies saying the opposite was true from someone else.

As devices need to be changed quite regularly for infection control purposes (most are at least yearly), you might well be better off getting your son to speak to whoever manages his respiratory care. If he would benefit from opep airway clearance, they can prescribe him one and also make sure he’s using it effectively. There is a minority of patients for whom opep (or pep generally) may not be a good idea due to underlying health issues, so I would advise he discuss it with a medical professional in any event, even if you decide to buy privately. You also need to make sure that any cleaning instructions are followed, including around sterilisation, otherwise you can end up causing additional problems due to bacteria and fungus growing on the device and causing exacerbations.

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As suggested, speak to respiratory physio. I have an aerobika. I was glad to have a lesson from physio on technique.

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I have an AeroBika, which I found very helpful, but horses for courses as Charlie says.

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Hi acapella or flutter device I find helps my mucus clear

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Just to clarify, emphysema is COPD. COPD is an umbrella term that covers emphysema, chronic bronchitis and some include some forms of asthma. I would recommend seeking professional advice to see whether this type of device may be beneficial.

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