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Hi all anyone on trimbow and if so how have you got on with it I am stage 4 copd have been given trimbow the first couple of days in sure it might a slight difference but now It seems to not be making much of a difference I know it's only the first week so am hoping the more I take it the better it will work look forward to hearing your take on trimbow

24 Replies
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I am on Trimbow and find it works well. Are you using it with a spacer?

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Crystaltears in reply to Carnival567

Yes with a spacer

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Hi I have been on trimbow a couple of years now, I seem to get along alright with it. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette xx xx 🌈

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Crystaltears in reply to Damon1864

Thank you you too

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I'm on trimbow ,have been for a couple of years ,my first two puffs in morning makes a difference ,but I find it does not last me through the day ,so I take one puff afternoon ,and one puff at 7 30 pm

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Thank you I found the first few days it was good but seems to not be making any difference now

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I was put on Trimbow, but I had to come off it after 15 days, and go back on my original inhalers. It didn't agree with me at all, made my breathing worse. I know it works well for some people though, we're all different.

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Alone in reply to vambo

Hi ; I was on Trimbow for two weeks after my lung condition suddenly went worse I am Stage 4 with a very poor FEV , the Trimbow made me wheeze And it gradually went worse I felt sick, very dry mouth , I went back to my Serritide 250 and spirva the wheezing stopped but my Doctor has said that

I should have carried on a few more weeks , I became unable to move from one room to another so I think I did the right thing , even though my old inhalers are back, any one experienced the same thing , I have BRONCHIECTASIS and COPD

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I didn’t find any improvement with it either I’ve come back off it too x

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I had to swap back to my original inhalers as my breathing got worse and my chest became really sore after being on trimbow for 6 weeks

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Hi. I have been on Trimbow for just over a year and found it has reduced the number of exacerbations. I was having 5 or 6 a year but his has now gone down to 1 in the last year.

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Hi I had it for few weeks but didn't agree with me at all, headaches and wheezy. Went back to Seritide 2 puffs morning and again at night. Ventolin if needed during day. I have Asthma and Brochiestasis. Hope it will improve for you x

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Thank you sorry it didn't work for you

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Trimbow as been life saver for me, but it took two months for me to realise how much my life had changed compared to life before I took it. No more asthma attacks and I just take life easy as I’m in stage 4 copd. Give it time.

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Thank you yes I will give it a really good amount of time

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I have severe emphysema and the respiratory nurses suggested Trimbow. I didn't notice any improvement to my breathlessness and two months later suffered my worst exacerbation to date. The hospital consultant switched me back to Fostair & Braltus which seem to work better for me. He also mentioned that although Trimbow may contain the same active ingredients, one of them is at a lower dosage than my usual inhalers. Perhaps that's why it didn't help me?

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Thank you for that I will have to see how u get on with it i have not heard of fostair and braltus if the trimbow doesn't work I might see if I can get those

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Kendavis359 in reply to Crystaltears

That’s interesting the previous message mentioned something about fostair and Braltus worked better for him. Well I’m in end of life and got told nothing else they can do for me, yet he seems to found some thing stronger, the plot thickens maybe it’s time I did some more research as yes I’m lot better on trimbow than I have ever been over the last thirty years of problems so I’m grateful for where I am in life but new drugs keep coming out all time, as my consultant told me it’s a case of finding the right one for me as we are all different. Also please cut down on food as certain foods blow me up and that takes my breath away so I eat little and often. Take care. Time will tell for you.

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So sorry to hear you at end of life I really hope something can be done to help you

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Up until last week I had been on Symbicort, and Spiriva with Bricanyl as a reliever. The Acute Respiratory Team changed that to Trimbow and Salbutamol as a reliever.. Although it may be too early to say, I feel that there is an improvement, especially using the new reliever. The consultant had previously prescribed Trelegy but, unfortunately, I had a bad allergic reaction to it.

Just hope the Trimbow works for both of us. Keep at it!!!

Be safe


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Crystaltears in reply to COPD123491

Thank you yes let's hope it works for us both

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Ive been on trimbow since Feb and I find it quite good so far with spacer hope it works the same for you

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Thank you

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I have been on Trimbow for 4 months and suddenly it isnt helping at all. I was doing great at first but suddenly it just isnt working for me .I am back to my respiratory team next week and hope I come off it

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