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Help, travelling and got Easyhaler wet

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We are in Argentina and I got my only Beclometasone Easyhaler wet. The powder still looks dry in the little window, but when I press down and tap on the mouthpiece I can’t see any powder. Does this mean it is no longer working? We are going up to altitude in a few days so I really need it to work - I am going to go to a pharmacy to try and get another one tomorrow but do t know if they will give me one without a prescription. Does anyone know anything about getting Easyhalers wet? It was just the mouthpiece, but I left it drying all day and still managed to shake out quite a lot of droplets this evening from the mouthpiece.

I am feeling so stupid.

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Pharmacies abroad will often sell you a replacement Clareykc. Just show them your present inhaler and explain. In the meantime put your inhaler in a bag of rice, it works wonders on mobile phones dropped down the loo! Good luck, P

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Thank you, that is very helpful

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I understand your anxiety. I was caught short in Spain once with no ventolin hardly able to speak and got some in a pharmacy. Also managed to get prescription meds in France and Croatia.

Hope it goes well for you. P

Speaking as someone who's spent a lot of time in Argentina, there's a good chance you'll be able to obtain another inhaler as they're not as strict as in the UK with these things. If a pharmacy won't provide one without a prescription, it's very easy to see a medical practitioner should you need to. If you've got a prescription from the UK with you, that would be handy or if not the inhaler packaging showing your dosage etc.

If you can't get another, if it's just the mouthpiece i.e. if you remove the canister and press it against a surface to spray, does the surface get wet? If so, then try washing your inhaler mouthpiece thoroughly in warm water and detergent, then allow it to dry. Or you can ask the pharmacy for a replacement mouthpiece, which wouldn't need a prescription?

Dry powder inhalers have their drawbacks. Definitely speak to pharmacist ASAP and if they can't sell you the inhaler they will put you in touch with Dr for prescription.

In the meantime, have you tried using a hairdryer on the inhaler? And leaving it wrapped in towel on a radiator overnight (don't want plastic to melt)?

Altitude is a struggle so hope you get sorted. If you are carrying an emergency steroid pack for a flare up then you could use a very low dose to keep you going if inhaler can't be replaced.

Hope you can enjoy your holiday - Argentina is an amazing country, especially the lake district and Patagonia.

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