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Aged 55 and experiencing heavy bleeding

From early December 2016 I noticed a watery discharge which was streaky and pink coloured. Over the Christmas holiday I began to bleed more heavily the bleeding continued I felt tired for most of the time. Fast forward to mid January 17 the bleeding was excessive I bled very heavy for 3 days and felt very unwell I was not able to get a GP appointment so I contacted the NHS help line who advised me to attend a walk in treatment centre which I did. It was identified that my blood pressure was elevated and I was experiencing tachycardia due to the blood loss.

I attended an emergency hospital appointment the same day, and referred for a colposcopy which identified a cyst which was removed at the appointment. Next I attended a scan appointment which has identified a thickened and bulky uterus. I have an appointment for a hysteroscopy and biopsy in 4 weeks. The bleeding continues going from heavy to light to spotting, I am finding going to work overwhelming and exhausting, I just want to sleep, I am border line anaemia, I am taking iron tablets.

I had an appointment yesterday with the Consultant who told me that I am am old lady and I have put myself at greater risk of cancer because I had declined a Mirena Coil in July 2016 when I was diagnosed with a dysfunctional uterus at the time I felt the coil was not right for me plus the bleeding stopped and I had no bleeding from July - December 2016 and I felt wonderful during that time. Is there anyone who has experienced similar bleeding to me?

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Hi Wellbeing 16,

you're not old! You have done the right thing getting checked out. You may need to take some time off work to rest and eat iron rich foods too.

Regarding the Mirena coil, I had this fitted for menorrhagia/ heavy periods in my 40s and it made things worse and I had to have it removed after a few weeks. I ended up having a uterine ablation which was the best thing for me and I felt great (until menopause!)

Please do discuss with your doctor and staff here. We're all different so no one treatment suits all.

I hope you find out soon what's going on and get the right treatment for you.

Best wishes.



Hello there - yes I had/have a very similar problem but am only just starting to sort it out so am not able to tell you anything about the process - other than I know how you feel.

I must say I feel cross with your consultant - you are were you are and have made the choices you made - disecting them now isn't any help to anyone. How is your age in any way relevant?

I hope that your surgery goes well .


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