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Hand pain


Any ideas for pain in the hands . My husband has pain and uses gloves and takes pain killers

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Same here. With swollen joints. I do what your husband does, plus when I’m doing nothing else (e.g. sitting down reading or going for a walk) I exercise each finger in turn by manipulating each joint for five turns each way.

Try these exercises - creakyjoints.org/living-wit...

Massage and warmth and stretch exercises. Lots of washing up with hot soapy water helps!!!!

Try a hot wax hand bath. It helps my hand pain. You can buy them in many places, I got my via amazon.

Paraffin hot wax hand bath was a life saver for me when my hands were really bad. Hospital provided access to a machine/therapist, but this may not be possible at the moment. You may be able to buy a domestic machine for home use? Luckily my hands have been ok for a while now. Hope you find some relief. 🤞🤞

Hi. I recently asked a similar question on here, (I have arthritis in both thumvscand wrists,) and was recommended a product called Dynamint. It is all natural ingredients and comes as a roll on, lotion or cream. You can order it online from Holland and Barrett, (and lots of other places.) I use painkillers and a gel from the doctor, but I have found the Dynamint to he really helpful and comforting. All the best. 🙂🌸

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