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Still in pain after tkr 18 months ago


Got my tkr (total knee replacement) 18 months ago. I had to endure 2 manipulations because u could not bend my knee. After intense PT I am okay in that sense; however, the pain is intense and comes every 4 to 5 hours. It's an intense static numbness pain, and when it hurts the most is when I feel the hardware. It's awful. In my late 50s I was always a very active person. I hiked with my husband all the time. It was the worst decision of my life. I just want to know if anyone is suffering from something similar. Thank you. Carmen

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Good morning,

I am very sorry that you are still suffering and in pain.

I have had sixteen operations in the last twenty years, six were both knees, both hips, both shoulders. All replacements. Plus a fused right hand. All due to arthritis.

I am in constant pain still with my left shoulder, unable to use it really.

Hydrotherapy, l found was the best form of exercise. Twice a week if possible.

I was a very active person, loved walking and climbing at weekends. Now my mobility is close to zero. Fortunately I am no longer in a wheelchair.

Take great care of yourself, best wishes, Tim.

Goodness! I can't imagine all what you have gone through with so many surgeries. I have never given an explanation why this happened to me. I will be seeing a different orthopedic doctor in a few days (no for another surgery)just to see if he can have an explanation. My doctor, the only thing that he stated to me is "I am sorry Carmen". I struggle to walk, and when it hurts you honestly do not want to walk. I am glad that you are not in a wheelchair. I appreciate your reply. Take care. Carmen

Good luck Carmen

I hope that you have success in a few days.

There is no arthritis in either side of my family, it hit me without any warning.

Best wishes, Tim.

Hello there I am sorry to hear you are having a poor outcome for your Knee replacement . Not good news for me as I have a date for the 1st of October after 20 months of ups & downs from the services including the lockdown wait. We are doing a cross finger that theres no lock down again . Not all replacements work , it is unfortunate that yours is not good. sounds a little like the joint is not a good fit have you been given any explanation for the problem ? I was warned things can go wrong including damage to a nerve in the area. My freind had it around two years ago and says all she has is some numbness but definately no pain, which is fine by her. Another freind was left with movement difficulties so it is not always the solution as you have found. Others I know have not had any problem in fact one is going back for a twenty year replacement if possible. I recall my first husband having knee surgery in his late twenties no trouble till he got older and arthritis set in. Everybodies different I sincerely hope they can find a solution at least for your pain guess you don't want a second op with a new prothsesis.? You must be really frustrated with the outcome. My thoughts go out to you.

Hi Carmen, I had TKR 6years ago.. its never been right sadly, like you had 2 manipulations to get my knee to bend at all, this was after weeks of physio and doing everythng i could, one week, in tears, I had a new physio lady, she took one look and said" this isn't right, you should be able to do more at this stage"! At this point i cried agan cos someone fnally believed me! Yes, I got the bend eventually, but the severe pain has never left me.. ive had an MRI, couple of scans, all say " the part is in the right place",

I went to my GP to ask him to send me to a different hospital for a second opinion, the consultant there saw the scan results and said " its slightly come away the side of your knee, I can and would consder revision surgery, but the outcome is only 50/50 and you could well end up worse than you are now"...

I thought seriously over the followng couple of weeks he'd given me to decide, but to be honest, the thought of going through it all again ( revision surgery is more invasive as hey have to go through scar tissue, and recovery much longer) and possibly end go worse filled me with dread.

I don't want to worry you, but ive been looking for people who have had problems and pain like me, over a long time , im really pleased for everyone who has said its the best thing they've had done, and its worked, for me, its the worst, ive been told I will be seen agan in 5 years.. im n morphine patches , every 3 days, was on Tramadol, but after time these didnt relief he pain as they used to. Ive been sent to 3 pain clinics, ive tried the lot!

As im writing this I could cry with pain, it worsens from morning till night.

I use Biofreeze gel on it and put a Tubigrip stretchy bandage over my knee, this helps me to keep my leg straight enough to walk..

I really wish you the best, its hard to describe the pain to others, in my case I was told also that the pain was nerve endings around the " part" not accepting the foreign body , I did ask about possible metal allergy, this was just shrugged off..

Im 61 now, always been actve, but this pan restricts everything i do, im having to live with it, but if after 5 years they suggest replacing it again, I'll really dread it.

I went ( and still) through so many emotions, Its very had not to feel on your own with it!

Please take care, do you you think you could ask for a secnd opinion? Have you had an further scans or MRI? If not, try and ask your GP for refferal , that it certainly doesn't feel right and if the op had been successful we shouldnt still be n pain..

you're not on your own. I certanly understand!

Best wishes hun x x

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