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Burning Sensation in Knees

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Hello, This is the first time I've posted on this forum and I hope someone can help.

I have arthritis in my hands and probably knees. Sometimes, at night I have an extremely painful burning sensation in my knees. It's that bad I have to get up and rub in some ibuprofen gel which seems to help. What could this be and has anyone suffered with the same thing. If so, what can help?

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Hi RoadRunner, i have The same problem, only in hands, feet, knees and elbows and have recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I take gabapentin for the pain but nighttime’s are the worst.

I have started wearing compression gloves and socks at night and use a spare pillow to rest my knee on - I’m a side sleeper. It seems to help.

I hope you find a solution soon.


Do you rub in anything to help with the burning sensation? When it starts in the middle of the night I have to get up its that bad.

If it’s really bad I use ibuprofen ointment. But if I use a pillow from getting in to bed, I doesn’t get that bad.

Hi Roadrunner44; I have problems at night with one of my knees, very painful if it gets cold. However I find that, even in warm Summer weather, I switch my electric blanket on the lower half of the body at the lowest setting, 1 out of 9 I can have an almost painless night's sleep. Still hurts when I turn over or move however. The Blanket has two zones; each being set from 1 to 9. In Winter I have both sections on and set according to the bedroom temperature. My knee seems to want to be a couple of degrees warmer than the ambient temperature; then it stops hurting. Not sure if it'll work for you but it certainly gives me relief from pain.


Thanks Mike. The problem is that I will be asleep and the burning wakes me up. Do you know what is causing the burning in your Knee? I warm the bed up with elect. Blanket Summer and Winter as I hate going in to a cold bed so my bed is warm to begin with. It's that bad that when it wakes me zI just have to try and cool it. Thanks for replying anyway. I suppose all these things come with age and we have to put up with it most of the time.

Cheers for now.

I did find that mine does start hurting if I get it too hot as well; it likes to be a certain temperature; usually get up and stand up for a few minutes which sometimes helps. Just can't win unfortunately.

Cheers Mike.

Just a small add on, I find if I attempt to put my knees ( with burning) out of the bed. The following day my knees are worse. So I learnt from this, always to keep them warm and never try to cool them down.

That's interesting. Thank you.

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Hi RoadRunner44, sorry to hear you've been experiencing pain in your knees in the night.

Our website has several pages with information on how you can self-manage your painful symptoms on your own, which may help to reduce the burning pain in the long term. The website also includes pages on pain management and wellbeing which may be useful at the moment.




Let us know how you get on, and hope things improve over time.

Hi road runner

Yes I also have it hands feet knees lower back neck just take painkillers rubb the cream If it helps that’s good but please keep ringing the doc let them

Keep a record

So, is the burning sensation a sign of inflammation?

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chrisj in reply to RoadRunner44

I think the pain is more to do with nerves than infection roadrunner.

Bit late to reply but the burning I felt was right down both shin bones and when I mentioned it to the rheumatologist he prescribed gabapentin as it works well on nerve pain. It helps with sleep as well.

Yes and it’s worst at night I hardly sleep get some strong pain killers from your doctor for night help you

Thanks, it's good you have some understanding.

That’s ok it’s good to talk to people who suffer the same any other problems let me know

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