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Hello everyone I'm new here. After complaining of back pain since a minor traffic accident in 2011 and a separate pelvis injury in 2018 I have finally had an MRI (had to go private, I haven't even been able to get an xray on the NHS) my results show significant and widespread osteoarthritis throughout my lumbar spine - there is nothing between the vertebrae at all on the scan. I'm 33 years old! I'm all manner of shocked, scared and angry. I'm angry that I fought for so long and no one would listen, angry that no one takes my pain seriously and upset that it is so far gone that nothing could be done. Consultant said they could have operated and tried to relive the pain a little had it not been so widespread but it is too bad now for anyone to do anything for me other than send me to the pain clinic. I'm scared for the future too and confused as to how someone as young as me can have such bad osteoarthritis in the first place

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Oh my goodness, no wonder you are angry. You have every right to be. I wish there was something I could say to help. I can only suggest you visit arthritisaction.org.uk/

and read through th information on there in case they might be able to help.

Thank you, I will check it out. I'm very angry because I feel I have been fobbed off for years when there was potentially something that could have been done. Surgeon said if it was one or two disks there would probably have been a suitable surgical intervention but its my whole lumbar spine - he showed me the MRI via video conference due to the virus and there was no white at all between the vertebrae. He has no idea how or why this has happened to someone as young as me. I understand that my GP couldn't possibly have expected this with my age but if they had only done something, anything to investigate my pain they would have found out sooner. I have seen umpteen physiotherapists over the years and it never helped, was eventually referred to ortho and when I got there it was another physio who gave me a steroid injection in my hip thinking I had a bursitis and that was the cause of the problem, the pain still didn't go away. Surely someone should have investigated the cause of this pain I have had for 8 years or so

I know how you feel - I’m 33 years old as well... I have sadly been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and now at at high risk..

I’ve gone from Yoga, Pilates and aqua aerobics 5 days a week, to not being able to walk due to a collapsed hip (non existent hip ball joint)

Best thing is to stay happy as I know people are always worst off then me....

Goodness knows what you’re going through???? Sounds painful!!! Xx

I'm a nurse and had to leave my job because i can no longer stand for 12 hours, i worked in emergency medicine and it was just too much and work were completely unsupportive after i came back from my pelvis injury. I'm just thankful I left when i did because god only knows the damage i could have done if i had stayed.

I'm actually not in that much pain in my back weirdly, its my hip that gives me most of the pain and thats been the case since my pelvis injury i never had pain in my hip before they popped my pelvis back into place. My back is only really sore if i stand still for too long or try to carry anything. Sleeping is the major issue i have, i just cant sleep for long enough because i wake up in agony first thing in the morning no matter what i try. I'm permanently exhausted and being honest thats worse than the pain, i can cope with the pain but the tiredness is just too much.

Hello.I'm really sorry to hear this. I've just had a really bad night, luckily Idon't get them too often now. Most of my spine is fused and I have a rod fixed to it. The bottom if my spine is riddled with severe OA/DD. Both my knees are in constant pain and often my feet. It is really important for me to walk regularly and attend Pilates classes regularly. I had just started the gym which also helped, sadly thst has stopped because of luck down. As of today I will return to home routine of daily Pilates, stretching and walking exercisesso I hopefully font get another night last night. There really are more good days than bad. Very best of luck to you xxx

It’s bad that you had to wait this long. I’ve also had bad back pains for many yrs, since birth of my children, until, eventually, like you, I went privately for mri, which showed bulging discs L 345, pluscanal stenosis plus osteophytes. Didn’t want surgery at my age, so went to Back Pain Clinic.

The exercises the physio gave me have helped, but I have todo them everyday.

I find the stretching exercises helpful. I try to do them again, just before going to bed.

Plus I sleep with pillow under my lower back, again this helps. Now awaiting Steroid

injection, which I cannot have at present, due to current emergency situation.

You are much younger than me. The body can, & does heal itself. Do not give up.

Best Wishes.🕺


Hi kirstyo, I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

As a previous response mentioned, do take a look through our website as it contains a number of useful resources for anyone living with arthritis or joint conditions. This includes a page on pain management and useful strategies that may help you, as well as a page on wellbeing.



It's important to remember that you're not alone in this. Over 10 million people in the UK live with some form of arthritis, making it the leading cause of pain and disability nationwide. Let us know how you get on.

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