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Osteoarthiritis - working with

I got diagnosed with OA 2 months ago, on my knee. Got told to manage my activities & lose weight. The weight loss has helped enormously & managing my activities has been difficult but manageable , I work as a domestic & run an environmental community group ( litter picks, gardening, theatricals..etc). The actual activities are fine, but walking to work, the simplest activity, kills... I live on a steep hill, the price of a taxi would be stupid & the closest bus stop is at the bottom of this hill. My work have been great, I am risk assessed ( self before going in every morning) & given more breaks & alternate ways of doing my job. But I arrive miserable & in a great deal of pain - and I can see that if it continues like this my mental health will start to suffer. Feel like I'm stuck between a rock & hard place - will take on any advice

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Your own words give the answer. Move down the hill or nearer to work.

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Is there nothing you can do to support your knee whilst walking ? I don't know anything about it specifically but for a while I wore elasticated pants to support my sacrioilic joints while walking. They did help initially ( its got too bad now) .

I think it's worth seeing a physio with that one objective in mind. Maybe there is something to help whilst you lose more weight and build up muscles to support the knee. Good luck



Hi I have OA of the right knee and in 8 weeks will have a partial knee replacement. My journey started in 2000 when I tore the right knee cartilage which was then removed and the joint tidided up with keyhole surgery. Now 15 years later the same joint is now stuffed - badly arthritic. Since May 2015 the pain has worsened. Here is what I did;

1 saw a sports injury therapist for work on my right leg, calf, hamstring and quads.

2 got pain killers, I'm on Cocodomol 30/500 (prescription only) and have been on as

many as 6 to 8 a day.

3 Went on website Arthritis Research UK and discovered more exercises.

4 in response to a high level of sugar in my blood (but not diabetic) I cut out all added

sugar in my diet and began eating more healthily, result in mid Jan 2015 I was over

97 kgs, I'm now 91kg.

5 The continuous exercises have strengthened my right leg unbelievable so that my

ligaments, muscles etc are taking the work load off the knee joint and my pain has

dropped away and I am now only taking 1 Cocodomol per day and then only when


By the way I'm 70, and still work 10 hour shifts 3 days a week driving buses.

Good luck


I'm 47 and had O.A for 15 yrs bad for 10.just got my partial knee replacement 4 weeks ago.its hard at are not used to the pain and haven't found the work arounds may walk differently cause it hurts and this will make other things hurt. Slopes and stairs will put pressure on the edge of the knee cap.they are the bain of my life.I hate stairs! Listen to music while walking. Anything to keep your mind occupied and not focusing in on how much it hurts. Allow your self 5/10 mins longer to do the journey. Take smaller steps. Honest works for me .Stop if needed. You must exercise but you will have to learn what your limits are.good luck

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Have you tried hiking poles? I know they may look a bit daft but they really help me with walking, I'm really slow and find it painful but using two takes pressure off the joints. Means I can walk further/ faster without much more effort. You can get them quite cheaply.. Lidls have some walking gear in next week...


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