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Balms and creams for Osteoarthritis


I have been trying various balms for my OA in knees and have tried Tiger Balm and Lion Balm which take the edge off the pain a bit but was recently recommended by a neighbour with similar problems to try Dynamint Muscle Cream. It does seem to work although not a complete magic cure. It lasts for a few hours and gets rid of most of the pain. Just wondering if anyone else has tried it and had any good results? It's available from Amazon and the cheapest I've found is about £7.50 for a 120ml bottle. You only need a little so it will last quite a time and it's non greasy and non-staining; and like a runny bream. I don't use oral painkillers as they don't work on me so always looking for alternatives. Anyone else tried it?

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No I haven't Mike will have a look at that it sounds very good

I've found the 12 hour Voltarol works very well for me but I guess you may have tried that ? I'm not quite like the people on the TV advert after using it but it does help 😊

A right old pain osteoarthritis literally isn't it Wishing you all the best and hope you get some relief

MikeG1944 in reply to Cat33

Thanks for the reply Cat33; I am allowed Ibuprofen gel but it doesn't do a lot for me, and I'm not allowed oral Ibuprofen because of other medication I have to take. The Dynamint seems to be the best I've found at present.

Cat33 in reply to MikeG1944

So glad it helps you I'm going to google it now

Thank you for sharing

Cat33 in reply to MikeG1944

Seen they sell it in Holland and Barrett so will get some from there in the week

Thanks 👍🏻

Have not tried it but will give it a go and see what happens, thanks for info.

MikeG1944 in reply to katieoxo60

You're welcome; let us know how you get on.

katieoxo60 in reply to MikeG1944

Have ordered from Amazon £7.98 will be delivered later today, will let you know later in the week how it goes.

I am not allowed Ibuprofen in any form but the GP prescribed Movelat Gel which I find quite good.

MikeG1944 in reply to Benzman

Will have to investigate that one; thanks Benzman. :)

thenunn in reply to Benzman

now I don't find that does anything for me ..shows there's how different we all are :)

MikeG1944 in reply to thenunn

Yes it's strange how some things work for some and not others; rather like oral painkillers, none of them work for me at all except NSAIDS which I'm not allowed to have.

Have just seen this post. I have OA in one knee and when it is at it’s worse use Capsaicin cream (made from chilli peppers). I first learnt about this cream when I contacted Arthritus Research help line.

I’d never heard about it although, reading on site info, it has been around for some time. I asked my pharmacist about it and It is available on prescription only. My GP thought it was worth a try as ordinary meds’ weren’t helping me. It takes a while to kick in and you do have to be very careful when applying, I wear gloves. It makes the skin very hot, a bit like sunburn and reading reviews a lot of people give up with it because of this. I persevered and after about three days my knee began to feel much better with less pain and stiffness. It is not meant to be used continually, I used it regularly for about six weeks and then had a break. I was pain free in my knee for months and now just use occasionally. Hope this helps.

MikeG1944 in reply to JRHT

Thanks for the info JRHT; I had heard of this before and it appears to be a strong remedy. I was intending to ask my doctor about this when I next visit him. What I need is something that I can use a couple of times a day. I use Dynamint morning and night for my knees and Ibuprofen gel for my back which seems to help. It's a pity that there's no real cure for for OA so I guess we'll all have to live with it.

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