Knuckle replacement from osteoarthritis

Hi, I am new to this as I have just joined, it would be appreciated if anyone could give me any info from experience and knowledge, to positives or negatives, I have osteoarthritis in my hands and wrists, I feel I've been messed about that many times over the last couple of yrs, from being diagnosed initially of Rhumotoid, hence the medication of methotrexate and other drugs, had impact on health, to find its osteoarthritis, saying it was pregressing slowly, now I've been told I need a knuckle replacement as it's severely damaged, I don't know what to do for the best, the pros and cons.

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  • Some interesting bits here:-

    National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS)

  • Osteo is awful in the hands. Mine hurt constantly everyday. My osteoarthritis started my joint in both of my hands about 5 years ago. Then a year later it got into both of my feet. But now I also have it in my knees , shoulders and spine as well. This year my both of my wrist have been achy and so?e days I loose grip in my hands they hurt so bad. I'm only 41 and will turn 42 in September. Nothing has helped my arthritis what so ever. I've tried 5 different pain killers and not one of them has eased the pain . I'm getting very frustrated trying to find something that helps .

  • Hi I can relate in so many ways to your frustrations, I do believe in some ways it can be as difficult psychologically, which I do find, I to have had many different pain relieve, to which resulted in side effects causing some issues, have you had naproxen. Do you get the support from your rheumatology team.

  • Naproxen was one the put me on to see if it helped. Mobic was another one I've had in the past . I'm on Diclofenac now and that's not helping me either.

  • Hi it's strange that the latter one your on I was given when first potentially diagnosed in 2011 yet I wasn't half as bad then, yet your on that now and far worse than me I guess, I would of thought that drug be of the milder spectrum, it's all the side effects that come with these pain killers, on naproxen at the time and had methotrexate injections before, was rushed into hospital horrendous stomach pain and chest, to find had ulcers and large gallstones hence removal of gall bladder, caused by the medication, it's a mind field and the most frustration is contradictions from different health professionals. I still work partime I won't let this beat me. Yet so many unanswered questions. which gets me down.sorry for the waffle, not one person I know as arthritis.

  • The osteo started in my hands in 2013, and 2014 I was starting to feel it in my feet . By 2015 it started in my knees and shoulders. As of last year my sciatica nerve started hurting me , witch I still feel down the side of my leg and through my foot. Earlier this yeas I started have pain in the upper part of my spine . Some days it's worse than others. I just deal with it on day to day bases. Osteo is hell tho.

  • So I may have that to look forward to then next be feet,🤔 I'm sure you agree I find with your hands there used everyday for everything, we don't realise until it's effecting you in this way, how precious your hands really are fingers wrists, really do determine what we do for the day, from what we eat even opening up news paper hurts sometimes, do you let it effect what you do as in your quality of life.

  • Betty, I try not to let my osteoarthritis try to control me. Some day I feel like it is. Your osteo my not start in your feet next. It may start in your shoulders if you don't feel it there as of right now. Osteo doesn't act the same way in every person that has It. It may be awhile before you get it in your feet. Hopefully it will be for awhile. I have a knot on the side of my right foot just below my big toe . It's not real big but it's noticeable. Osteo affects the big toes at sometime or another. Anther thing , fatigue is awful with osteo as well. Fatigue drains me in a big way when it hits me.

  • I agree with that, sometimes I wonder what's worse at times, I know I use my energy up at work, I know about it on my days off, so fatigued, the whole day has gone without me knowing just sleeping, I'm lucky as yet working flexi hrs, like you say you try not to let it control, I feel same, but not all the time you can't help but feel down. What I learnt on pain management programme helped me for my back yrs ago in a big way, I use it now with this the pacing and so on.

  • I had a knuckle replacement around 4 years ago. operation was fine but it was the physio as it was so hard to do. Your hand just won't bend the way you want it to. Despite this i am glad it was done. My other hand needs doing but i work part time as a carer so need to time it just right. Way your situation up and think how much better life would be getting it done. Good luck with your decision. Stay positive and take care xxxx

  • Thankyou for that, much appreciated, no problem there though my index finger doesn't Bend anyway, just sounds scary the thought of a knuckle, just hope alleviates the pain. I to in the same occupation albeit mental health side now, do struggle a times but keep going on.thanks again.

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