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Good morning, HealthUnlocked,

For a long time I have had or at least, I thought I had ulcers, but as I have just been discharged from hospital, was found with Hernia and not Ulcers as earlier stated, was told by another Practitioner that I had Ulcers. I cannot take any anti inflammatory tablets etc. Has anyone been in this form as can be very painful.

Gertrude Millar.

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Hi Gertzm :) We are sorry to hear you have been dealing with some concerns regarding ulcers and a hernia. We suggest that you continue working with your GP to better understand how you can manage your symptoms. In the mean time, our website has pain management strategies that can be helpful. You can find pain management and other self-management techniques here: Please do keep us posted on how you are doing. We wish you some relief soon. Best, Katie, Arthritis Action Communications Intern

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