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Why is mri ordered after xray results


Hello after 6 years of pain in lumbar area and repeated gp apps finally saw a rheumotologest the other week, she said i will do bloods as i look for more than a gp will & xray of neck and lumbar area, she said she will see me again for results but once shes seen my xrays (taken then and there at rheumy app) then she “may” refer me for an MRI, well... recieved a letter with an app for an MRI ON 30th july only 4 weeks away - does this mean she has actually found something on my xrays?

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An MRI is quite expensive, so a preliminary X-ray will very often rule either in or out.

Also X-rays can be done very quickly now, for a quick look. I am sure she has seen something which is not quite clear on the X-ray and wants to see it in more detail from an MRI.

DO NOT worry!

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Hi pete, thank you for your reply, i feel a bit like for 6 years ive been in pain daily and know its not right and ive been wanting an xray/mri all this time and now ive got one im like oh sugar...🤔

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I know how you feel!

Some useful NHS info. here:-


Enjoy your £750 (average MRI cost)

I would think it would be because with an Xray it does not show whether the underlying tissues are damaged, I had many Xrays, which all said there was nothing wrong with my knee, It was then I demanded a second opinion, The Doctor asked for an MRI and it showed my kneed was eaten away behind the patella, and that it was badly damaged, so The Xrays could not show that,

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