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Well after having five xray shot on my lower back, I finally found out what causing all the pain I keep having . From L5 to S1 xrays are showing height disc loss . Also in the same area in the same area that facet arthropathy is present. There's also Mild bilateral hip joint space loss as well. It also showed Mild to moderate degenertive disc disease and facet arthropathy. My neurologist has recommended me to go through physical therapy for this. My question is will physical therapy help for this?

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  • I have similar with narrowing and degeneration/arthrothopy at L2-L3-L4-L5-S1 plus the facet joints. (My hips are ok tho'). Exercise and physical therapy are what keeps me on my feet, if I miss it for just a few days I'm immediately in pain again. Basically if the vertebrae are damaged then apart from major surgery (which is risky and not favoured in U.K. unless you have very severe disease) then strengthening the muscles that support the spine is the best option.

    I do daily exercises, plus Pilates, and sessions with a physiotherapist from time to time. Swimming is also good.

    I think you are quite young? If so, it's even more important for you as your spine will have to hold you up for a long time. It's tough to get started, and you may feel that it's making things more painful at the start as your muscles will be sore, but it does work. Start small and build up slowly, and reckon on trying it for 6 months before you'll really feel the result.

  • I have disc problems as well , i had 4 facet joint injections 6 weeks ago and they have made an enormous difference to my pain . I am now trying to strengthen my core to help my back before they wear off .

  • Weathervane, I don't like the thought of having a needle stuck in my lower spine. A lot could go wrong if it wasn't done right. Some people have experienced permanent paralysis from having that done.

  • I felt the same way but i was in so much pain that I could hardly move , so needs must and it was very successful . You should push hard for a xray or even better an MRI. I was being treated for a hip bursitis with pain into my foot , it was actually coming from my back!!

  • They did xrays last Friday. Five different shots were done. One shot showed that my right hip is effected as well.

  • It was an orthopaedic consultant who gave me the best help and advice. I hope you find a treatment that works for you as the pain can wear you down .

  • You're right it can do a number on you. Mine has come close several times on several occasions to bringing me to my knees. Usually getting up from a sitting position or if I turn the wrong way on a bad day.

  • I was born with multiple anomalies in my spine and so need to exercise every day in order to maintain a range of motion and decent ligament strength to help the joints and spine and avoid becoming deconditioned because that would have its own set of problems (especially now that I'm diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis).

    I know that I'm very fortunate in that physical therapy has always worked for me up to the present date.

  • My neurologist has recommended me to go through physical therapy. I stay very uncomfortable with this anymore on a daily basis. I never thought I'd have arthritis in my spine before I was in my 50s. If I'm standing a long period of time it'll hurt. The mornings and evenings are the worst for me right now.

  • Some sessions with a good osteopath (show him the x-rays) could help to improve things quickly. Then the exercise etc reccommended by others will help to maintain and improve things, as well as sitting correctly (eg no slouching, and no crossed-legs).

  • Polski, I feel the pain on my right side . It'll usually all the way through my foot. I feel it in my right foot every day. But I also feel it in my right butt cheek as well and have a warm sensation in my right thigh.

  • Yes helixhelix, I'm only 42. I just turned 42 last month. But I've been having the pain in my spine for the last 2 years. It's gotten worse this year compared to last year. My only comfortable position is sitting up right with my feet on the floor.

  • So at 42 it's even more important to tackle this now. It might be hard to believe that simple stretching exercises could make a difference to your pain, but they really, really can. Ask your GP to refer you to a physiotherapist, but also think about getting started yourself as will take months to get an appointment.

    This link

    shows the sort of stretches I do every day. At first I couldn't do them at all, and it took a while before things started to ease. You shouldn't force yourself to the point where there's any pain, but a sensation of tingly stretching is ok.

  • Actually my neurologist has referred me to a physical therapist already. He s done more for me than my gp has, and I've brought it to my gp's attention several times. When I saw my neurologist earlier this month he ordered xrays and physical therapy.

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