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Dealing with onset of wrist pain and diagnosis

I have only recently started my journey of pain in my wrists (now both right and left) - I was given an initial diagnosis of tendinitis and am awaiting a blood test, so it is early days. I have gone online to read about conditions it could be and most information discusses the degeneration of the joints continually making the situation worst. I want to try to deal with this and have continued to work (although with some pain) however if I mention not going to work everyone tells me that we are not sure what is causing the pain so it may not be necessary not to go, but I am not offered a sick note so surely I am limited as to how long I can be off for anyway? I have been advised to take over the counter anti inflammatories but I have concerns about side effects from continuous use? I am trying to stay positive but now have got to the point of trying to work out what may be causing the pain, and if I am inflicting this myself by something I am eating/using which is affecting my body - want to try to help myself but also not to make it worse. Have just had a week off work (holiday - not due to sickness) - which has helped in some ways as I can deal with it as it comes along rather than trying to pretend I'm ok - but really struggling at the thought of having to go back. Sorry to go on but it is very difficult to discuss - no one can see anything wrong with me but cannot understand how painful it can be.

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Lindajayne, we understand how painful it can be. Has nobody suggested wearing splints for work? Amazon sells different kinds, here is an example. "REDUCES WRIST PAIN - Complete with a metal palmar bar, which rests underneath the wrist, this wrist support provides support for the whole wrist region for added reassurance. The metal bar keeps the wrist in slight extension and relieves the strain on the tendons making this wrist splint ideal for use during the day, whilst using the computer or for sleeping." The bar is removable.

amazon.co.uk/Actesso-Tri-We... They should make things a little comfortable, even though you're not sure what is causing the pain yet. Best wishes. XX


Thanks for your reply and advice - this is a relatively new problem for me so initially I think GP thought it needed longer to heal and would go away - I have also been seeing physiotherapist (at my own request) so will take any advice given. Workplace have provided an initial occupational health review but again they cannot advise any further and advised blood tests via doctor which are now going to happen. I was advised that I may be sent away with stronger painkillers so was pleased they offered to do something further this time. Do not think I was prepared for this as my 'healthy year' has not gone to plan! Of course the not knowing adds to the concern. Many thanks once again for your support and best wishes.

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Hi there! I’ve had the same problems in both wrists! The pain started at the base of my thumbs initially but then it extended to fingers, caused numbness and tingling in fingers! It used to get worse using keyboard or doing repetitive tasks when I used my hands!

Was given Voltaren Gel which I used a lot at work when using keyboard! It used to help a lot with also wearing supportive splints!

I was taking anti inflammatory tablets for that ( my Gp thought it to be tendinitis brought on by repetitive use of my wrists) and also for my osteoarthritis of knees! I’ve had a knee replacement!

After some one and half years later I developed nodules at the base of my thumbs, which are osteoarthritis related!

I was put on strong opioid base painkillers which I gave up after trying them out as I felt these were only giving me more side effects and problems!

In my case it seems these symptoms were all arthritis related as I’ve got it in my knees, back and neck and probably my spine!

I personally now think over the years arthritis was progressing and these pains I was experiencing in different part of my body were all related to that!

I had to retire early as I no longer could take the pain physically and mentally!

Since retiring I can deal with the pain on my own on a daily basis! I try and keep up with doing Pilate (parts that I can do)

, walking whatever distance I can do at a time and going to gym doing only exercises I am able to do to keep active!

I now know my limitations and have come to accept and deal with them!

Sorry for the long reply!

Hope you get better and find all the solutions to help you!



Thank you for your reply - I think your answer confirms my thoughts at the moment. This all came on so suddenly and as yet I have no real clue as to its cause so I have no control over it. When I have more answers then it may come to the point of having to give in to it and accept my limitations in order to look after my health and wellbeing. I agree that this is not just a physical matter as it affects you mentally as well and is so hard for others to understand and accept how much pain it causes. Best wishes.


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