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Psoriatic arthritis

Morning, looking for some advice. I have had psoriasis for many years never severe but troublesome, I am also asthmatic. Over the last couple of months I have been really unwell, my GP first diagnosed a virus and asthma symptoms but it has been dragging on and on. I have a painful sternum and back mainly the top of my spine and bottom of my neck, I struggle to get up from bed and the sofa my finger joints are swollen and sore and my hands hurt they often feel numb in the morning, I am very tired all the time, I have spent the last eight weeks in my PJs on the sofa except for my trips to the doctors. I spoke to my sister yesterday and she asked if I thought I could have psoriatic arthritis as she has it, I had never heard of it. I'm just wondering if these symptoms are familiar to anyone and your views on whether I should ask my doctor if he thinks it's possible, I'm really fed up with feeling so poorly.

Sorry for rambling on and thanks in advance.

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I know we all have different symptoms that are passed down from family members, I'm the youngest out of 4 as I suffer from asthma since I was 16. My Mom told me I had pneumonia when I was 2 yrs old which weakened my lungs, I'm 57 and have control so far. I have had several issues where my past wives have rushed me to the hospital emergency room, It felt like someone was standing on my chest as I couldn't breathe. These day I have pretty much everything the ER has


It is quite possible. It can be triggered by a viral episode. One of the very classic symptoms is dactylitis or sausage fingers so look that up. Eventually you will need an expert to diagnose this.


I would head over to the HU community for rheumatoid arthritis (NRAS) and you will find lots of people with psoriatic arthritis there.....not doctors so can't diagnose you but your symptoms sound that it's pretty likely - sorry!


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