Psoriatic Arthritis


I'm 26, and was diagnosed with Inflammatory arthritis in the summer of last year but they changed the diagnosis to Psoriatic in around November. I am on Sulfasalazine which seems to be working but do still get the odd flare up. Does anyone have any tips or advice or things that have worked for them that I can do alongside the medication? I get very swollen and sore fingers.

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  • Hi MrsHolmes,

    I'm not going to be much help, I'm afraid, as I'm only just starting out; I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis just last week. My rheumatology person wants to put me on Methotrexate; this seems to be putting my health on a completely different level, as I've just been treated with NSAIDs and painkillers up to now. Weakening my immune system seems such a big step, it's causing be a bit of unwonted anxiety.

    What I really wanted to say is (I hope I'm not just being naïve): have faith that the people who are looking after you know all the ins and outs of these conditions; anything at all you need to know, they are (or should be) ready and available to give advice and support. That's what they're there for, and in the vast majority of cases that's what they really want to do ... it's why they're in the caring profession.

    Stay in touch and keep us all up to date.

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