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School with joint pain

hi, I am going in to get a blood test tomorrow as the doctors think I suffer from arthritis, my dad has it in his legs (not sure if this would change the results). But I have hEDs which is causing a lot of pain and fainting, and as I am young I still go to school and I told the teacher I had to go to the hospital as I am missing her lesson. She asked why so I told her, the rest of the class heard and they are calling me old (as arthritis is associated with elders) and some are talking to me differently. It is really affecting my confidence as I am having to cancel plans because the pain is so bad, and I am trying to hide it but people are asking questions. Should I tell them? Should I just get on with it? How do I deal with the pain? Advice?

Thank you xx

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Sorry to hear you may be suffering from arthritis at such an early age.

It is difficult when others don't understand what you are going through.

I'm sure that your close school friends will understand when you explain it to them and they can help support you when others are unkind.

The important thing though is your health and getting the right diagnosis. Once you have this, and treatment has started you can look forward to making plans and enjoying time with your friends.

Best of luck....



M, thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I think I will tell my close friends and get some support thank you.


Hello Isobel. I'm assuming you could possibly have Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is certainly not an old person disease. When you eventually get a diagnosis, you will know better what you are dealing with. If it does turn out to be RA, children of 5 years old can get it.


Thank you, looking forward to getting the results and working out how to help my body. xx

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