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Exercise easy on the knees


I suffer with psoriatic arthritis and am trying to incorporate more exercise into my lifestyle to ease joint pain and improve overall wellbeing.

One of my biggest joint issues is my knees, not only them being swollen but also painful, verrryy painful to bend so kneeling, squatting, crouching... anything like that is very hard for me to do.

I’ve recently taken up yoga and the issues with my knees can prevent me from doing some of the poses.

I know swimming is good for joints as it’s low impact but there aren’t any accessible places for me to swim at the moment.

Any suggests with yoga or anything else would be appreciated!

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I have a little pair of pedals that you can use either sitting in an armchair or a dining chair. It has a screw you can use to adjust the tension, to make pedaling at your own pace. Available from Amazon.

donnaheads in reply to Hidden

Hi could you please give me the make of the pedals you use. Waiting to see consultant about partial knee replacement. But starting to get pain in right knee and also hip back . Finding it to painful to do physiotherapy exercises. Can anyone recommend acupuncture as l would like to know if this has helped anyone?

Fellow PsA-er which I think makes us a trio? :)

You might want to take a look at the Chair Yoga videos on this channel: youtube.com/channel/UCluKcG...

I find a stationary recumbent cycle is good on some days to help me warm up to perform other mobility exercises.

Thank you for positing that video!

I have had Psoriatic Arthritis for 40 years. Osteo in both knees and for the last two years Rheumatoid Arthritis. A year ago (18th Oct 2016) I started Bikram Yoga. From being in a wheelchair it took me four months of people gently lifting to the floor and back up again for the floor poses. After those four months I was (for the first time in probably most of those 40+ years kneeling. When I stopped needing people to lift me it took me 15 minutes to get myself up from the floor using bars at the end of the room to assist myself.

The day I knelt for the first time I thought I was being stupid. I just did not know whether I was going to do serious damage but I had decided that was the moment. Initially on my knees I simply knelt, nothing more and then with one hand on the bars to help support me.

But I have moved on. After my first year I can now get up and down almost instantly if not rather clunkily and usually leading with my left leg. I am definitely not comfortable getting up and down from the ground, but I do it. From kneeling I cannot yet rest on my haunches, but I am getting closer, closer than I ever dreamed possible.

rjn_ if you want to try Bikram Yoga then I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have been going four times a week. Each session is 90 minutes in a room heated to 40 degrees. Many people do not like the heat, but for anyone with the health problems I had and the determination (and a basis of a whole-food plant based diet with zero oils honed to remove arthritic symptoms as a firm foundation) then all I can say is the seemingly impossible is possible.

Hi, I am a firm believer in Pilates, which I started doing over ten years ago, which relieved my lower backpain. Find a well qualified Pilates instructor, and you will be given modifications of any exercise you can’t do, and I guarantee you’ll benefit greatly from practising Pilates :-)

Good luck


Lots of sports centres, with pools do Auqa Arobicts. I've been advised to keep up my classes. I think it's helped slot. Good luck

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