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Psoriatic Arthritis - treatment options?

Hey there

I’m 26 and recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. I have been put on sulfasalazine but am finding I have side effects of a foggy head (can’t think straight - sometimes totally out of it) and sever fatigue (worse than before going on meds), headaches and nausea.

Can anyone share their experience with this drug? Have you tried any other drugs that have less side effects? Has anyone tried any natural alternatives to these intense medications?

I’ll talk to my specialist as well but it’s always good to hear others experiences.


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i took sulfazalazine on and off for a few years. at first it was one a day, then two a day, up to two twice a day which i then stopped due to what seemed like natural remission. i was then put back on it but worsening and unmanageable symptoms made me and docs go down a different medication route.

i’m currently on luflodomide and soon to start a new drug soon.

i never had any side effects that were bad enough for me to remember, apart from dark pee!

probably worth noting that when i first went on sulfasalazine i was taking it with methotrexate and seem to remember them working well together. but solo not as well, clearly!

i hope my experiences with it are helpful to you 🙂


Hi, im new here and know i have arthritis along with UC and other issues i wont bore u with but waiting for 2nd RA specialist visit to see results of bloodwork and tests. Anyway to answer your question if this helps a year and a half ago i fractured my foot and then got pneumonia &was put on antibiotics that had sulfa in them.The antibiotic after one week started making me so nauseas and ill.I now think & tell all docs i am allergic to them.( i also took similar kind yrs before and same thing happened) Maybe look into the fact with your doc u may be allergic? Good luck!


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