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Introduction to shalomladydi


hi all, I'm introducing myself. I just recently turned 51 and was told last week that I need a total hip replacement for my left hip. I have had 2 previous surgeries on this hip to repair issues, but they have not worked. Surgery is scheduled for November 20th. I have Osteoarthritis in the whole lower half of my body. I have also had joint replacements in both of my thumb joints due to arthritis.

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I have had both hips and knees done. Best advice, I was given an apron with a large pocket. Every thing can go in there leaving your hands free for crutches or sticks. Use a thermos for your drinks, you could put stew or soup in a wide necked one too. Also silky pyjamas mean that you can move more easily when in bed.

Hippy49 in reply to 1dlcb

Hi lovely I'm 49 and ten weeks post right hip replacement. I've been active and busy ally life but started with back and hip pain about 4 years ago getting worse over time

I've had numerous steroid injections and physio sessions but nothing worked

My surgery has gone really well. I did find the restriction of sleeping on my back for 6 weeks difficult but you manage!

My main problem now is my lower back as the muscles compensated so much when my hip was bad that now they are working against me. Stiff as a board in the mornings but massage and physio will hopefully put things right

I'm walking with just a stick for support and I still get very tired but that's apparently normal

Good luck with your upcoming surgery .... keep positive

1dlcb in reply to Hippy49

Use a v shaped pillow.One pillow on the bottom, then the v shaped one and one more on top.Or 2 at an angle if you haven't got a v shaped one. More comfy for sleeping .

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