Motion is lotion

I've recently had a very lingering 'flu which has taken 4 weeks to clear. Whilst I was ill, I just could not train as usual, so no activity for a month. During that time my elbows really started to ache . Should I not train because I ache ? If I wait, the ache will not stop. So, let's get stuck in.

This week I started training again..... Just two workouts and my elbows feel great.

Keep moving Folks :-)

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  • We always advocate to keep moving, as you may lose it if you don't use it! Here's our Medical Advisor and Rheumatologist Dr Wendy Holden's new article on the matter:

    Very pleased to hear you're on the right track (and the flu is finally over!) :)


    Arthritis Action's Communications Officer

  • Like you I am a firm believer in exercise. Quite a few countries have national programmes, you recently provided a link to an Australian video. If you search on boa registry sweden you will find several articles on the Swedish one. is one of them. It quotes a research paper (holden 2009) claiming that one third of English physio therapists do not believe in exercise as treatment for knee arthritis. It explains a lot. I have just seen Dr Wendy Holden's name in the reply below. I wonder if that is the same person quoted in the Swedish article.

  • Thanks for that Kat ;-) . Interesting article. Btw: I checked in the refs. and it's Melanie A. Holden.

    Cheers, Reg :-)

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