Osteoarthritis of the spine

Hi There eveyone. Been diagosed with osteoarthritis of the spine recently and am currently managing without the need for medication. However, I ache mainly during the night and therefore am looking to change my mattress in the first instance. Mine is about 5 years old and never found it that comfortable in the first instance. I am 42years old and not overweight and up until recently kept myself fit by running. Any ideas please?

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  • Is it in your lower spine?I have the same problem,I was diagnosed 10 years ago and like you suffered during the night and in the morning.Changing my mattress didn't really help,I was also pretty fit as I was a postman.Since then arthritis has spread to my neck and shoulders causing pain and discomfort in my arms.About 18 months ago it started affecting my legs,making walking difficult.Unfortunately I was medically retired in July but I still try to walk daily and carry on as normal.Keeping active and moderate exercise was the advice given by my doctor as you will get worse and stiffen up otherwise.Like you I prefer not to use painkillers if possible,but when needed I use paracetamol and Ibuprofen,(and a quick rub down from the missus.)Good luck with whatever you try.😉

  • Get the very best you can afford. Sprung if possible so that you can get firmness but soft also. Turn it every month or so.

    A good bed is the most important thing for osteoarthritis ( after exercise).


  • I have a serta mattress I got a few weeks ago. I also have osteo of the spine. I haven't noticed much difference as of yet. I'm also in my early 40s like you.

  • I use no painkillers for my OA in lower spine, hips and neck because I have tolerance issues with all pain meds.

    What I sleep on is a very good quality memory foam mattress and I find that having soft pillows to place under my knees and arms helps enormously.

    I also find Pilates and walking my dogs everyday helps even when the pain is at its worst - keeping mobile is essential - although not jogging ever! Low impact exercise and core building is essential for me and Pilates really helps me with this if you can find a really good instructor. I now have to carry a fold out walking stick because I can't stand still for more than 30 seconds without pain down my legs or legs giving way. I am guessing that this is due to sciatica relating to the confirmed OA.

    But I also have Sjögren's which causes an inflammatory arthralgia throughout my body and neuropathy too - so I'm on an immunesupressant for this. It's sometimes hard to work out what is causing what!

  • There are several companies now that sell mattresses with different softness firmness etc but with memory foam in them as well but not the old type where you would get too hot. Some of these companies also offer 90 day or 60 day trials for you to see if it's right for you. Dormeo are one of them Eve and I think Simba Worth checking them out I got a Dormeo mattress topper for my bed as the mattress wasn't that old. So another thing to consider.

    Hope you find something that helps

    Jackie x

  • Thanks. Looking at Dreams mattresses today as aching all over. 🙁

  • Dreams are good as they will change your mattress if it's not suitable as they changed mine for me. Good luck

  • Hi. Try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees. I find this helps my back & sciatic nerve. I have bulging discs lower back 3-5, plus some arthritis. Hope you soon improve. Sylvia

  • Ordered a new mattress for deivery next week and hoping my nights are most restful. Thanks all for your kind words. Still struggling a little knowin that this will always be with me. Hoping to find a way of improving back strengh and will endeavour to keep moving.x

  • cervical spine or lumbar ?

  • I don't know which. Was given very little information only about medication that l could possibly take. No advice, nothing. Just said l had spores on lower back. I went to the doctors as I have a fair size lump at the base of my back and they found arthritis from the X-ray . Still don't know what the lump is. Was told probably muscular.

  • It sounds like your lumbar spine, mine is in my neck and upper back...cervical spine, never the less it is all very painful when it comes to the spine. The lump they mentioned may be muscular spasms, I have those in my neck/cervical spine. I don't have any great advice. I have tried everything and have stopped short of surgery which was recommended. I did find that physical therapy helped more than anything and using heat and or ice when really needed as I cannot take NSAID's due to kidney disease and do not like pain meds. I hope you find something that helps to make you feel better. I don't know if a mattress is the answer, mine is also worse at night and during work in certain positions while working on the computer and I have a good mattress and a lot of expensive pillows. Good luck hope you find much needed relief.

  • Thanks Frankie that's really quite helpful. I have my new mattress and there ain't much difference. I can however sleep for longer on my sides before my hips ache now. I'm not a medicine person either and plan on trying to get some swimming in now that my running days are over. I also invested in a real fire for them colder stiff nights, also a good old fashioned water bottle. Hope you also find your comfort zone. All the best Kelly xx

  • Hi, I have the same problem too, just recently been diagnosed, I wake up every night as my backs so stiff , I've found laying on a firm mattess supports me better, hope that helps, and good luck

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