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"Epstein Bar Virus is the root cause..." Says Anthony William (Medical Medium)


Hi lovely people...has anyone heard of "Epstein Bar Virus"? I recently had a friend visit and she introduced me to books by Anthony William. He is a Medical Medium, yeah right I thought! has really outrageous claims too.

However I never discard anything before researching so saw his YouTube videos and liked what I heard ...

He says the above virus is the root cause of many auto immune diseases...(mystery ailments!) And Inflammation is your body protecting not attacking your good cells (which is what most docs say) .

So have ordered 2 books this week (picture attached) and started reading...was quite amazed at the explanations and its kinda changed how I see my Rheumatoid arthritis now. A lot makes sense (based on my personal findings which I had no scientific bases for).

Btw, I had weaned myself off RA medication about a year ago and control the pain with 5mg Prednisolone and a variety of tested foods. (Mostly greens and fruits)

No sugar, sweeteners, milk or gluten. I find if I eat very little it works. Mostly raw organic stuff and fast regularly reduces the swelling and pain goes away.

Eating the right foods but a full stomach brings about pain within no time at all so I know what ever I do...its not a cure.

Now I am ready to try and "heal" as opposed to just "controlling the symptoms".....so if anyone had read his books (I am on the first few chapters only) or has tried his recommendations, I would love to hear your feedback.

Love and pain free hugs to all.

PS: I believe there is a cure ...we just need to keep looking.



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"Chasing Rainbows" - the things we do when we are desperate!


28maggie11 in reply to PMRPete

Great blog

rubina786 in reply to PMRPete

Thank you PMRPete! Wow that blog and the comments were so enlightening!

Finished the first book and yes he blames mystery illness on the virus (except depression possibly) and repeats a lot of what he says.

God only knows if he is a scam! It's certainly a novel way of marketing yet another diet book.

In any case, no alternative for me as I refuse to lower my immune system further with drugs (it made me worse) so will continue to figure out what foods, exercises, thoughts, prayers etc work for me and hope "my spirit" guides me ;)

... eating "pure" foods cant harm.

Cannot do anything about wifi radiation, vaccines with rat brains and aborted fetuses, anything else that may have had detramental effects...nor can one undo blood transfusion or past illnesses...but if he is so sure about the Epstein Bar virus then he should use his earnings to fund scientist to research and develop natural anti bodies that kill the virus.

... if his spirit and him really care :)

"Curing" with food and supplements can take 18 months he says.

I must admit I am better than I was 3 years ago since going Paleo and cutting out sugar milk and gluten. The real test is if I can wean myself off the 5mg preds too!

Aiming to dedicate myself to that within a year.

..eating less and fasting works very well.

So step 2 is book 2, to understand how to get the best out of foods (while keeping fingers crossed of course).

Funny how the world has "progressed" so far and fast and yet regressed in basic needs such as clean air, water and pure food!

No pain no gain so we all have something to look forward to :)

Xx lovely people!

That is very interesting as I had glandular fever in my late teens and I started having health problems not long after.

i find your comment interesting and will look into it further i had glandular fever in my 50s which is supposed to be rare and was tested for Epstein barr which came back positive a couple of months before the diagnoses of PMR been on the usual meds since then been looking into this a bit myself and Epstein Barr is linked to a few things it needs to be researched as unless you have suffered you don't know what it's like.

Hi Rubina,

I am 13 months into my RA diagnosis and on DMARDS and Pred.

Your post caught my eye because I've been looking into 'Functional Medicine' approaches to understanding chronic disease and treatment via diet and lifestyle changes. I would recommend a couple of books for you which might be of interest. The premise behind these books are that modern medicine, for all it's success at treating acute ailments, does nothing to look for or treat causes of auto-immune disorders and only seeks to minimise symptoms, and in doing so upsets the natural chemical balance within us. And that by changing our diet and lifestyle we can alter the way our genes express themselves and eventually heal naturally. Perhaps PMRPete is right, but I'm not ready to give up hope yet and I trust neither are you!

The Disease Delusion by Dr. Jeffery Bland

How Not To Die by Dr Michael Greger

Good luck

rubina786 in reply to Jaysharp

Thanks Jaysharp. Yes modern meds did not work for me. Changing my lifestyle, foods and certain exercise routines have had a good affect but I certainly want to learn more about foods. Thanks. Will look into the books you mention.


rubina786 in reply to rubina786

I read both books and to be honest would not recommend buying them. You can see a summary of them on YouTube. The other thing I decided to do was to figure out biological reasons for conditions and am currently following a fab professors lectures - gave me a whole new look on depression and another doc who gives very practical advice such as cut a broccoli and leave for 40 mins before boiling....(to release the chemicals that are good for health!) never would have thought!



I have not read these books, but have read several articles that implicate ebv as a trigger for RA. I tested positive for past ebv exposure & several other viruses & also for past mycoplasma (walking pneumonia) bacteria (“The New Arthritis Breakthrough”).

A new study done in Korea implicates 3 ambient respiratory viruses as RA triggers with RA symptoms starting 2 weeks after exposure.

I started with severe RA/sudden onset at 62. Two weeks before acute onset, I had a bad cough, that I guess was a viral bronchitis which cleared up on its own.

I also started a new job 3 mths before which was an awful, nuthouse workplace. I believe the anxiety/stress & resp. virus combo pushed me into severe RA. I should have quit after a week. I feel I wouldn’t have developed RA, had I left before viral exposure. Stress plus virus triggers RA?

What I don’t understand is why the body doesn’t self regulate the inflammation and calm down/reset to normalcy, over time, Why stay in a state of inflammation & self attack? I have never felt as sick, depressed, anxious as I do with this awful disease. I believe it is viral which is why it is so hard to treat. I would rather have cancer & live or die rather than this awful systemic, painful, disfiguring, attack: affecting whole body & mind.

rubina786 in reply to Hisue

Hisue, am so sorry to hear what you are going through. I know all the feelings well, but whatever the cause we have to try and live the best life we can and not give up.

I have recently made even more changes and am convinced based on my findings of 3 years now that it is possible to live relatively pain free with very little effort. (Btw, the inflammation is not the body attacking itself but defending itself. Docs say otherwise. God Only Knows what's true)

Anyway. Here is my recent change if you are interested.

I either eat very little or fast.

Fasting is not for everyone, I am used to fasting once a year in Ramadan being a muslim and for 2 years since the illness, noticed there was no pain during that month and put it down to being a "blessed month" !!!

...but a couple of days ago came across a video of scientific tests carried out ...

It makes sense to me as I know it works.

Had eated a lot (all right foods) since my friend was here for a week...and got very sick...could not even walk...whole body pained!

When I went back to my normal portions I started getting better.

Have now reduced my preds to just 2.5 mg and no pain killers.

Please see this video. I dont recommend fasting the way they show for sure.

The way Muslims fast is to eat at dawn and refrain till sunset. After 3 days the body feels healthy and brain works faster unless one binges.

What I am doing now is eating twice a day but have just one toast in the morning and maybe a smoothie for lunch and very light dinner (gluten, sugar and milk cut out completely) sort of paleo. Fruits and mostly plant based. Meat occasionally.

It's hard at first but in a few days the stomach shrinks and you don't feel hungry.

I know I can do a proper fast and always feel better so intend to do that 3 days a month (as recommended in my faith) outside of Ramadan

This video is just for your knowledge. Please do not fast they way they do!


Not everything will work for everyone but would like to share what works for me. Am off all RA drugs and now just 2.5mg preds to give up... so I think am getting there. It's taken a year of trial and error but am 90% better than I was when diagnosed 3 years ago.

Thx for the sensitive & informative reply. I have had so many wrong turns with this disease it is ridiculous. (I was totally ignorant about the systemic nature of RA.) After another nutty day at work, I went to bed fine and woke up hardly able to move, with 1 swollen knee. I went to my GP, he did bld tests & then sent me to a rheumy.

Rheumy did throrough clinical exam & more bld work, told me I have RA, gave me a leaflet & put me on pred 10 mg/day; I got thrush from the pred. He gave me a Rx for thrush. Went back & he wanted to start enbrel & methotrexate, no explanation. I had read a little and asked about minocycline & plaquinel. He said no. Asked family dr and he said methotrexate is toxic.

Went for 2nd opinion- second dr put me on minocycline, plaquinel, ibuprofen. I chose that because it seemed milder. Big mistake- I had RF of 2793. Neither doc gave me much info- no treatment plan, goals, etc, I was so weak I could hardly turn a door knob, & couldn't get out of a chair.

I got worse & worse- became bed ridden & calling out in pain. My ankles swelled up like baseballs & feet burned. I asked if the drugs were causing the major swelling & pain- doc said no.

Got so sick that wheels on meals came, and PT came and show me how to use a cane.

After a year, I was still hobbling around, wondering why I was so tired, pained, weak, swollen & fatigued. Read the Rx prod inserts carefuly and found that mino an cause terrific joint pain & muscle weakness, ibuprofen can cause ankle swelling, and plaquinel can make you go blind!

Anyway, that's just the beginning!

So thx for the fasting & dietary recommendations & video. Mild fasting like you recommended, is part of Christian preparation for the sacrament of communion; but most people don't do the fast prep, any more. It always made sense to me- fast to cleanse & purify the system. Interesting how so many religions recommend fasting.

You are so right- inflammation normally works to heal & then turns off; but in RA the inflammation is so great & out of control that it never turns off- hence the swelling, pain & joint destruction.

This web site is so helpful-TY again-I wish I had discoverd it early on. I have considerable joint damage due to terrible doctoring and am still in bad shape. Glad you are doing better!

rubina786 in reply to Hisue

Gosh! It's been tough for you!

Yes the side effects I felt were worse than the condition! Thought I would die almost every day!

I too got to a stage where I could not even hold a pen. Organs started failing. Literally bed ridden. Had to have Pampers! Plus they overdosed me on preds and landed up with a heart attack the next day...

...after my stents...I researched like mad with whatever foggy brain cell I had left and weaned myself off the drugs in six months. No pain killers.

... still have a couple...(for blood thinning and high blood pressure)...but have a 10 min remedy for high blood pressure now too.

I learnt the hard way too...they made many mistakes ...so prefer to trust what my body tells me.

Glad I did not scare you about the fasting. Please try it. Am sure mild fasting will help too...just a bit of organic greens and fruit...3 days and you will see the difference!

Yes our Creator Commanded it for our benefit :)

The best I felt was with raw foods. But did start craving hot cooked dinners after 2 weeks. It took me a year of trial and errors to figure out what foods worked for me and get functional again.

The worst trigger (apart from eating a full meal) I found was stress and mainly heartbreak (estranged daughter that I miss) but have that in control now too. Hope and faith heals :)

My hair has grown back, nails dont have ridges and bumps anymore, skin looks 20 years younger and can do exercise, work, open jars, drill, cement, tiling (DIY) walking again etc

Hang in there and know it will take time but aim to stop the drugs within a year...one at a time reducing them (if fasting and changing foods kick in). I now have a spreadsheet of foods I can eat and few supplements and plan to spend 6 months more on getting rid of the remaining couple of meds.

Have not even had a cold even, touch wood and heal from cuts and bruises much faster too.

Just need to do the "weaning off" slowly.

My current GP is very supportive and they can't believe how good I look now! (By the Grace and Mercy of God!)


Hisue in reply to rubina786

Wow; you’ve been to hell & back. So you have been able to dial down your immune system back to normalcy! I feel like I am always in fight or flight mode. What meds were you on other than prednisone & heart med?

rubina786 in reply to Hisue

I still have bad days, depending on how stressed or sad I get, but nothing like before.

I was first on Methotrexate, folic acid then they tried Hydroxychloroquine and Sulfasalazine, the last was the worst for me and made up my mind to get off them somehow.

Convinced them to give me 5mg preds instead of the above which were not helping with the pain or the flares even after a whole year of taking them.

With Preds they gave me, lansoprazole, bisoprolol, vitamin D, clopidogrel, atorvastatin (which thank God I stopped after getting terrible palpitation bouts)

Now just on irbesartan, aspirin,

bisoprolol and 2.5 or 5 mg Preds....trying to reduce these at my next medicine review hopefully.

Previously needed a highish dose of Prednisolone for flares almost every month!

Luckily I don't get full blown flares any more (for last 2 months). And when I feel down I can pretty much control it, just with going back to 5mg for a few days instead of 2.5mg

You could also look at arthritistrust.org. One approach to RA was used by Roger Wyburn-Mason quite successfully. No proof of efficacy but no disproof. Theory wortha read.

rubina786 in reply to bear4ble

Hi bear4ble,

The site is very promising. Gives me more hope. Thank you!!!

Btw, came across...this interesting video:


Makes you think what???!!!

Can't trust the water even!

Colloidal Silver gel still working for me. Apply only a pea size of gel every 2 to 3 days on my wrist. Plan is to take the 2.5 prednisolone only every other day now to wean off by end of the month!

Due for a blood test then so let see if it shows any improvement.

Added 2 new item to my diet .. every morning...celery, lemon juice, apple, ginger and orange juice, pinch of Himalayan salt and fresh pepper...feel so refreshing.

Lost a stone in weight!

Night time...Vinegar with mother...honey and warm water.

My RA began after living near an aluminium reprocessing plant. I think it was the fault of exhausted AL III ions but can't prove it. It has sort of worn off but the resulting OA has left me mostly in a wheelchair. The comments you have had seem to cover most of the bases. Best wishes.

rubina786 in reply to bear4ble

Just read up on aluminium. Knew it was not good to cook in but had no idea it was so dangerous. Modern life is full of such things. So sorry to hear the effect it might have had on you. Yes not easy to prove these things. May God Grant you ease. I recently found out benefits of moringa leaf powder so will be trying a bit of that too in my smoothies.

Wishing you and all the lovely people here speedy recovery. Anything is possible!

Hugs xx

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