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Shoulder Pain

Hi I have been a member of HealthUnlocked for several years, but this was for my Husband's Bladder Cancer and I can't stress enough how helpful everyone's comments were for him. Now however I need support or advice for myself. I have had arthritis for many years now but my shoulder pain is something else which resulted in several cortisone injections which do help for a while but soon wear off. I have now been referred to Hosp for further investigation the result being X-Ray and Scans, I have now been offered a shoulder replacement but do not know anyone that has had one of these. I am very apprehensive and don't know what to do as I am 76 can anyone help please.

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Do you have a helpful GP with whom you can discuss this procedure and whether it's appropriate for you and what it's expected to do for you?

There are different types of replacement (friends and family have had them) and they can have varying recovery times and each has their own prospect for range of movement etc. afterwards.

If you didn't have it done, did anyone suggest that there are other non-surgical options for you to explore? Have you been referred to a Pain Clinic and did they have an opinion?

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Thank you for your comments, Pain clinic could only offer cortisone injections but they do not last for long,My consultant said that there was really know option as the ball and socket was shot,


That's a horrible condition to be in - have you lost a lot of your function with that arm and does it get in the way of your day-to-day needs?

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