I'm new here and need advice in going back to my GP

About 10 weeks ago I went to my GP about swelling and inflammation in my left knee. To summarise, they said that it was normal and that it would go in a few weeks, however they weren't sure whether to send me to the hospital as my other knee and ankles had been causing pain.

As I've previously stated it's been roughly 10 weeks and I still have extra fluid around the knee and I'm curious to see if I should go back (seeing as I'm 14 they might not take me seriously).

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  • Welcome to our group StopLookingAtMyName and thank you for posting! We are really sorry to hear that you have had painful joints. We hope you find the support of the group here useful. If you are looking for information about arthritis, inflammation and what you can do to help yourself manage the pain and other symptoms of arthritis, have a look at out website - particularly the Living with Arthritis pages (https://www.arthritisaction.org.uk/living-with-arthritis/what-is-arthritis/ ).

    We wish you all the best,


    Arthritis Action's Communications Officer

  • I think you should go back. The fact that you are only fourteen should make the GP pay extra attention to your problem, specially if you do not have a trusted adult to come with you. Stand your ground, insist on a proper diagnosis. Being over seventy I am at the other end of the scale and have found myself fobbed off with: you are better than many of your age.

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