As there has been alot of interest regards tumeric, and its healing properties, I thought I would share the tea recipe. My friend who has PSE liver disease, has started drinking it, to cleanse and heal her liver, and boost her immunity. She said she noticed a difference right away, and feels less lethargic. Tumeric has cancer fighting properties, is an antiflamatory. Heals arthritis, lowers cholesterol, boosts immunity. Im going to start this tomorrow, for the inflamation in my knees, to lower cholesterol, and clean my liver..

Boiling water-2.5 tsp Tumeric-fresh lemon juice'-honey.

Cinnamon and ginger, can also be added.

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  • Hi I've been mixing tumeric with ginger and cinnamon in warm milk with a teaspoon of honey it has good results as Iv been off my humira for 6 wks and taking this remady for 2 wks and I've noticed the difference 👍I've been told it could take a few wks to get into my system,

  • Hi Seanstar, do you find that mixing it with honey helps take away the powdery taste of the turmeric? I guess you are using powder dry ginger and cinnamon? What quantities of the spices?

    Many thanks

  • Hi I do equal quantities of mixture and I put a teaspoon of honey in to take away the taste

  • Many thanks Seanstar :)

  • Unfortunately tumeric and many other natural things are not to be used with Warfarin and that is a major problem for me as im on it for life.

    Great if you can take them but always ask ur GP or pharmacy to see if there is any interaction with your medication.

    Im not being a damp squib or having a go at anyone but just trying to warn people x

  • Good point chrissy, as for many things. I discovered this morning, not everyone can use ginger, who are on blood pressure meds, even oregano...so yes, one has to check first, with any herbal/spice useage

  • I love ginger, I use the fresh root ginger in cooking nearly every day.

  • I have been making turmeric butter paste and adding a teaspoon to milk before bed, its not keeping it away entirely but who knows how much worse it would be without it. Having said that I probably need to drink it 3 times a day for better results.

    How often are you drinking the tea?

    The quantity I make is below: (lasts about 10 days)

    3 teaspoon turmeric

    6 teaspoon water

    half teaspoon of black pepper (or 40 rounds from the pepper mill)

    1 heaped teaspoon of coconut oil

    Mix all together, in microwavable glass dish (alternatively ceramic) or jar

    Microwave low 1 min stirring after 30 secs, in this time a paste should be formed.

    transfer to container or jar for storage, when cooled put lid on and refrigerate.

    Add 1 teaspoon or half teaspoon heaped of turmeric paste to warm / hot milk and stir to dissolve. I use a small cup rather than a mug. I take at night before bed.

    delicious In cows milk, almond milk or coconut milk, my favourite is to have in coconut milk but for sleep sedative probably the cows milk best. For arthritic pain or other pain, the turmeric works as an anti inflammatory so you could take this drink 3-4 times a day.

  • Hi, u can use additional tumeric in your rice, roast potatoes, and extra in curries. Glad your feeling a bit better

  • Yes but I think I would tire of the same flavour all the time if I put it in everything. But when in pain try do anything of course.

    I had the turmeric pineapple and giner supplement also, the pineapple and the black pepper helps the absorption of the curcumin.

    thanks for your post xx

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